Indian Wedding – Essential Things to Know

Wedding events in India are considered one of the most important in a person’s life and people make great effort to attend the weddings. A typical Indian wedding is unique like in many parts of the world

An invitee for an Indian wedding who has never attended a similar event earlier invariably needs to be aware of a few essential things. This article attempts to elaborate upon these salient aspects.

• Generally, a wedding in India does not have any strict formal dress code. But, that does not mean that invitees are free to dress in whatever way they like. Conventionally people are expected to wear traditional clothes. Informal clothing does not fit this occasion. Likewise, things such as short skirts and tight clothes have to be avoided by females attending the ceremony. In the various regions of Indian the traditional clothes differ and so do the norms of degree of traditional clothes to wear. So do take good advise from someone who knows this matter and try to fit with the ocassion.

• Weddings in India are comparatively prolonged events, several ceremonies are performed both before and after the actual marriage ceremony. Here, it’s important to note that many of these ceremonies take place during odd hours- either late in the night or very early in the morning. Thus, you need to speak to the hosts and get clarity about the timings of these ceremonies. Based upon that, you can plan your schedule.

• Here is one more crucial guideline, at the time of receiving the invitation, please find out about the precise events to which you have been invited. Remember, some events are confined only to close family & friends. In this context, if you don’t have accurate information, you could end up in embarrassing situations.

• It’s not a bad idea for you to obtain a basic understanding of the customs and traditions pertaining to a wedding as per Hindu religion. This will ensure that you are going to thoroughly appreciate the rituals; your participation shall be wholehearted.

• Items that are universally accepted as appropriate wedding gifts are suitable to be given at Indian weddings, as well. Ornaments, silver articles and decorative pieces are some examples of those things.

• Apart from that, you are free to give cash gifts at an Indian marriage event, too. Here, according to social protocol, you need to enclose the cash in a good- looking envelope. In fact, you can buy envelopes specific to cash gifts in any general/stationery stores in the neighbourhood. Directly taking out money from your pocket and putting it in the hand of the groom/bride is considered to be indecent.

• There will be no dearth for fun and frolic in an Indian wedding. You too have to actively take part in all the events. Your active involvement is viewed as being synonymous with giving your best wishes and blessings to the couple. Please do not remain as just a silent spectator who is confined to their chair. People will then jump to the conclusion that for some unknown reason you aren’t happy with the wedding.

• Indian weddings here means a Sanathana Hindu wedding. As such the wedding ceremony is performed by invoking the divine Gods and Goddesses. There is a proper procedure to be performed to

• A male guest requesting the bride for a dance is common practice at Western weddings. But the corresponding scenario is completely different in India. Trying to dance with the bride is a serious violation, as per conservative Indian traditions. The bride is expected to move closely only with the groom and not the male guests.

• There is nothing wrong with taking pictures in an Indian wedding. But before you click, permission has to be taken from the bride/groom or the concerned people.

Overall, the purpose of Indian wedding is to achieve a divine purpose together as a couple. The marriage joins two individuals atmas for the duty of jointly pursuing the purusharthas or the four aims of life as per Hindu dharma. These 4 aims are dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. Dharma is Sanskrit language word that is not translatable directly to Engish but broadly it means following principles that ensure sustainable success.

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