Indian Wedding Invitation Designs: A Descriptive Write Up For Hosts!

When Indians think of weddings, they always think of grand wedding celebrations and it is so deeply ingrained in them that they can never accept small scale celebrations. The joy of having friends, relatives and acquaintances around for the ceremonies is unmatched. Indians love to share their happiness and they also want the wishes and blessings of everyone for the newly married couple.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designs: The Importance Of Designs!

The first and foremost thing that the family discusses about is the wedding card. Every member will contribute his ideas and a card is selected after a lot of rejections. Getting a card printed is no easy deal as you have to incorporate the wishes of all the members. Designs on Indian marriage cards are carefully selected as it reflects the taste of the whole family. The one component which differentiates Indian cards from other cards is the wide usage of designs.

Traditional Designs!

Celebrations are often associated with some traditions. You will come across Indians sticking to traditions for marriages and other major celebrations. It gives them a sense of fulfilment and they feel they are connected to their culture. This applies to wedding cards as well. You will come across the preference for traditional designs in Indian wedding invites.

Traditional designs are considered to be auspicious and they have a timeless elegance attached to them. You cannot replicate them with your own improvements as they have been in vogue for generations together and are believed to be used because of their lucky charm. Some of the designs on Indian marriage cards are homes, diyas, rangoli designs, lotus flowers, peacocks, elephants, temple towers, images of musical instruments, etc. You are at liberty to choose your colour combinations and Indian cards have a lasting appeal because of the use of varied colours.

Colour Preferences!

Most Hindu wedding cards are printed in some commonly seen colours. These colours are maroon, blue, green, mustard, pink and of course white. Black is generally avoided for wedding cards as it is not considered auspicious. The dark background with stunning golden or silver self-designs make the card lovely. Self-embossed designs all over the card or some designs in golden hues add lustre to the card and it becomes striking.

Quality Materials!

Every host desires of getting a beautiful and well worded card and nothing less than the best satisfies him. To bring out the beauty of designs you need to get cards with high quality GSM paper or textured paper. Even hand made paper is best. Choosing quality materials is very important.

Author Bio: I am Priya Arora and I had made my mind to get the best wedding invite for my daughter’s wedding. I liked the Indian wedding invitation designs available with the designers and chose one after a lot of consideration. My card came out well.

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