India’s Most Reputed Water Treatment Chemicals Suppliers

Aditya Birla Chemicals is one of the most reputed and trusted water treatment chemicals suppliers in India. The company is part of one of the country’s most renowned business conglomerates, the Aditya Birla Group, and is known for its wide array of water treatment solutions. These include chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, salts of aluminum with chlorine and stable bleaching powder which ensure impeccable disinfection of water. This is a must in a time of extreme health and safety crisis in India for the benefit of citizens while addressing the higher requirement at every level for superior hygiene and disinfection solutions.

Some of the top water treatment chemicals suppliers brands in India include LION, RENSA and SHAKTIMAN which are highly potent in killing off pathogens which causes diseases including protozoa, bacteria and several viruses. VIKRAM is essentially poly-aluminum chloride that is used as an active ingredient and coagulant for purifying water as well. VYTAL is used for extensive and total treatment of water while being extremely suitable for drinking water, particularly when there is a health and safety crisis engulfing the country. BIRLASULF or salt of sodium works as antichlor for treatment of water as well. The company also has its Aquaculture division where AQUA ARMOR enables disinfection of water in reservoirs along with growth ponds for shrimp farming. There is a product with calcium and mineral supplements that are required in the shrimp farming process. Products with the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide will naturally be added to growth ponds and those having sulphite as the key ingredient will be used at the time of harvesting and also as antichlor at times. Processing of shrimps will depend on the moisture retention agent functionalities of PEARL for preservation of texture, color, nutrients and flavor.

When it comes to coagulation, poly-aluminum chloride is used for removing anionic colloidal impurities along with taking care of suspended material settling during drinking water, sewage and industrial effluent classification. It is also used for removing TOC, residual color and also for adhering to discharge related regulations. There are anti-microbial formulations used by the company for killing micro-organisms in portable water, surfaces and effluent. This enables killing of germs, molds and bacteria through reactions with microbial cells for irreversible denaturing and destruction of numerous pathogens.

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