There are various kinds of fans applied in industries that raise the capability of numerous industrial operations. The significant of these fans are the induced draft(ID) fans, forced draft (FD) fans, primary air(PA) fans, and secondary air(SA) fans.

Before we go into the implementations of primary air- secondary air fans in the industrial sector, Let us learn about the contaminants. There are two types of contaminants – prime and minor contaminants. Prime contaminants are contaminations formed and discharged straight from specific sources such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur oxide. Minor contaminations are formed by chemical process due to the impurities present in small quantities.

Now we shall have a glimpse of PA and SA fans. Primary air fans or PA fans are high-pressure fans applied in the boiler power plants to provide the air for the shipment of coal straight from the grinder to the heater. PA fans provide positive force upstream of the coal grinder and also provides combustion air to the furnace. Whereas; secondary air fans are said to be additional air that must be supplied for the entire burning of the fuel.

It is supplied through the nozzles installed on the barriers of the heater. The PA fans are apt for supplying positive force upstream to the grinder, controlling the coal and air amalgamation into the heater. These fans have a vital role in power plants because they provide the combustion air for burning fuels and sustaining the coveted temperature in the heater.

Different implementations of PA-SA fans:
For the combustion of any fuel, three fundamental elements are required. They are fuel, air, and heat. Air is supplied for burning to retaliate with the fuel following its stoichiometric proportion. But in reality, some amount of air supplied for burning goes unused. It occurs because of the fuel volume, which is fed instantly.

Primary air fans assist in separating the fuel molecules so that fuel molecules combustion occur in effeciently with the air followed by well-organized burning of fuel molecules. The air before getting into the boiler is prepared to transit an air pre-heater (APH) where the air shaft to the boiler becomes heated by the departing smoke duct, and this preheated air supports in lessening the damp content of the fuel and in addition to raising the boiler productivity.

The PA fans are tremendously beneficial in plants where there are steam boilers with an external heating system. Many industrial process design specialists firmly articulate that secondary air fans are not only elective. However, it is essential if the burning procedure is to be appropriately accomplished.

It is significant to note that the proper quantity of air is being provided in every phase. It is from the viewpoint of pulling down the heat in burning and clearing the way for the diffusive shifting of heat.

In this article, we have seen the importance of primary air and secondary air fans for the efficient operation of manufacturing process in certain industries.

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