Industrial Paddlewheel Flow Meter and Their Features

What is a paddlewheel flow meter? This is a machine that uses the mechanical energy of the given fluid to rotate a specific paddler wheel. As a mechanical engineer, you should know more about this particular kind of machine and how it works for its successful process in the industries. Today am going to describe to you some of the characteristics that are found on this machine.

How does it work?

Paddlewheel has some specific nature in which it is known to work, and you should know that the paddle or the rotor are always made to rotate. When they are in rotational motion, they are made to provide energy. The best thing that you should know is that the rotor is said to rotate on the bearings. The fluid speed is known to be higher when you see the rotation of the paddle also becomes high.

The Magnetic Application

The magnetic application is an essential thing that you are supposed to understand. This is because when the rotation is going on, the shaft rotation is made to sense the presence of the magnetic influence. In addition, for this reason, when the cycle is too high, more pulses are also generated. This is vital information that you should understand. You should know that the transmitter process usually detects the pulse signals that will always determine the fluid flow.

How to use a paddlewheel meter?

When you are the mechanical engineer of the specific industries you are supposed to be on the way to, you can use this particular machine. It is essential. First, you should know that this machine is well known for measuring the velocity of the moving fluid within the system. This machine should be operated at a higher rate of the flowing fluid because premature bearing may occur, and they are effective.

Some of the limitations of the system

 You should know that the temperature and pressure are known for being the limitations of these machines. This is because the application of the paddlewheel flow is always found in most fluid industries, and sometimes the fluid may be in high-temperature procedures. Therefore, for this reason, you should learn how to control its use to prevent the damage that may arise.

Application of Paddlewheel

The paddlewheel is used in most industrial processes that use fluids and some other liquids as parts of the processing materials. Because of high temperature, pressure, and velocity, some advanced industries have decided to insert this particular machine. In addition, they work efficiently in controlling speed, as you know that excess speed can cause some extra pressure that will automatically cause significant damage to the system.

The caution to take

When you are using this particular machine, we have some essential things that you should know. First, you should ensure that you operate your machine above 5 percent maximum flow. In addition, the critical thing that you should know or understand is that the paddlewheel should not be used at high temperatures.


Flow meters are an essential device to install in your industries since they will prevent significant effects or damage to your machines. Most of the time, the fluid velocity and pressure are the ones that are said to be checked to prevent further damage like the bursting of some industrial pipes.

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