Industrial Water Chiller Plant Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

We have years of experience in Chiller Plant application, design and control. We have installed chiller plants in various industries including Plastics, Printing, Laser, Rubber, Beverage, Medical and many other industries. Chilled water systems are used in medium and large-sized buildings. Chiller plants act as a centralized cooling system that provides cooling for an entire building or even multiple buildings. This is because it is often more practical to centralize air conditioning equipment in one location rather than install many pieces of equipment in many different places.


Chiller operational efficiency will greatly impact your building operating costs. Ongoing routine maintenance represents the minimum from the perspective of facility management. Predictive maintenance and optimization of the chiller system requires real-time operational data.

A R system is one of the most reputed companies that have some of the best designs and technological improvisation under their sleeves. Industrial Tower Ac gives you a versatile solution to all your problems regarding air conditioning.

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