Inflatable movie screens for live broadcasts

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Inflatable cinemas are a popular way to show outdoor movies at festivals, school events, parks, churches or just about anywhere else. The portability and ease of use of inflatable film screens and the number of different sizes available make inflatable film screens versatile. Not only is it the perfect screen for showing movies; Large inflatable screens can be used to show live footage of sporting events, concerts and events such as a presidential election or UFC fight night, or added to an event such as a graduation party.

Comfort, portability and versatility

The inflatable movie screen offers an unforgettable experience of watching the event on a big screen without any effort. These screens can be placed almost anywhere; in the parking lot of a bar broadcasting great football, on a university campus, in a large park or even in the middle of a bustling city.

Adjustment and disassembly time is minimal. If you are organizing an event in a busy environment and have to organize and mess up on the day of the event; trained technicians can install and remove the screen in just a few hours.Some external screen sizes are available for up to 100 or 10,000 viewers. Regardless of audience size or venue; there is a movie screen for every budget, the screen can be seen in all sizes and the goal is to make the event memorable.

The quality of streaming events matters.

High-quality equipment makes the event look and sound beautiful. These overhead monitors offer bright, colorful and high-resolution images. A sharp picture and clear sound are essential for events to be fun, successful and attract large audiences in the future.Projection from the big screen to celebrate the New Year.

Every year, Southern Outdoor Cinema’s giant image shows the crowds at City Market in Savannah, GA as they count down to the New Year. 1000 people gather to celebrate the New Year with live music and fun. A live, larger screen showing the famous Times Square party and ball drop adds excitement to the gathering. Residents of cities like Savannah, GA can celebrate the best of both worlds in one hometown and feel like they’re still a part of the action in Times Square.

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