Information about Indian Railway and its ticket booking system

The railway also carries more than a million tonnes of freight, and to support this, it has more than 1.6 million apprentices employed on a permanent basis. In fact, the Chinese Army is the only entity that has more employees regarding size, and work carried out.

About Indian Railway

According to my knowledge the railway was created in 1853. The railway in India serves both long distance networks, as well as the shorter suburban networks. Indian operates more than 13,169 including local and long distance train, and in addition, there are also 76,608 coaches, and also 12,729 locomotives. This is one of the largest railway infrastructures in the world and the corp. that runs, it is proud of the fact.

The longest train ride is the train that runs between Kanyakumari and Jammu Tawi. The train that rides this route is known as the Himsagar Express, and it covers a distance of 3787 in a single ride. It takes over 72 hours to complete the journey, and this train also has the single largest platform in the world measuring 2,733 feet. It passes through 12 states and halts at almost 73 railway station.

Before 1951, the railway lines in India were run independently of each other, there was interconnected lines but in 1951, all railway lines were nationalized, and it was this that made the Indian Railways the largest in the world.

Nonetheless, people looking to travel through the history of Indian Railway need to make sure that they try traveling on the Fairy Queen. This is a railway line that was started in 1855, and is reminiscence of the British Raj era, that reigned during that period.

So, anyone looking to visit any part of India has a higher chance of reaching their destination if they travel via Indian Train. Today, if you find out you will be surprised to note that the railway corporation is also changing with the times. Today, the aim of the railway corporation is to make sure that they continue to dominate the Indian market by offering affordable, but quality travel to people all over the country.

Moreover, the central government and railway ministry of India has done so well by providing lots of modern trains to boost transportation in India. Not only that, it also provided a luxury railway stations that is well equipped with modern facilities for passengers comfort. The introduction of Indian railways system has really helped a lot of business to grow. Many people can now take the advantage and the comfort of Indian railway system. With web based e-ticket system, passengers can now purchase their tickets online right inside their bedroom without going to the ticketing centers.

The e-ticket system also has helped in reducing the long queue that a lot of passengers have been experiencing when they want to purchase their tickets. The Indian railway advanced the e-ticketing system has also introduced the mobile phone application system to facilitate convenient booking for passengers and to also save time.

Meanwhile, with the e-ticket system, passengers can now choose seat number of their choice in any of the classes they paid for, like the first class, executive class, business class and the economy class. The Indian railway established a technical department to ensure that the e-ticketing system is up and running. The department also carries out day to day maintenance and monitoring of the e-ticketing systems to avoid any technical fault.

I know by now that you are wondering what PNR means, well it simply means “Passengers Name Reservation”. Meanwhile, you can also check your Railway PNR Status anytime you want provided you have a computer system or a mobile phone with internet connection. All information as regarding the routs, current ticket status, and train status can be checked through the PNR enquiry.

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