Inkless Treatment Stretch Marks

Zhenith Beauty offers inkless technique is exactly that, we do not use any pigments for this treatment only natural vitamins and serums. This treatment helps improves the collagen and elastin in the dermis of your skin. Inkless Treatment Stretch Marks

Clients can notice 20% to 100% reduction of stretch marks after one session. This is an alternative to putting pigments into your skin and a more natural approach. Unlike other treatments such as lotions, scrubs, lasers and more, our inkless technique stimulates the skin to produce collagen – a naturally occurring protein that provides structure to the skin and other body areas. Once desired results are reached no touch ups are required.


SCAR CAMOUFLAGEScar camouflage tattoo is an advanced micropigmentation procedure using colour pigments to blend and camouflage hyperpigmented scar tissue to your natural skin tonesimilar to stretch mark camouflage treatment. Stretch Mark Tattoo Melbourne


HAIR LINE LOWERINGHAIRLINE LOWERING,involves making strokes which can be applied to your hair part, temples, or full hairline to mimic your natural hair strands. We also offer a combination of both hairline lowering and Scalp Micropigmentation techniques.

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