Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology today constitute one of the fundamental pillars in the medium and long-term growth of Youth Citizenship.

The association of clubs has a digital ecosystem that combines channels, services, and data. The combination of all these elements offers Youth Citizenship a complete vision that, in turn, it uses to improve its audiovisual product for the benefit of fans, sponsors, broadcasters, and, of course, the clubs. Metaverse technology is the future of technology.

Youth Citizenship Tech

Youth Citizenship Tech is the subsidiary that brings together the technological solutions developed by Youth Citizenship and that can be marketed to third parties, thus generating a new line of business for its Clubs/SAD.

These solutions are digital tools developed since 2013 by Youth Citizenship to provide solutions to their particular needs. Now, through Youth Citizenship Tech, it acts as a service provider for the entire sports and entertainment industry, with clients such as World Padel Tour, Dorna Sports, Jupiler Pro League or Sky Mexico.

One of the keys to this project is the Business Intelligence & Analytics area, which has become the backbone of Youth Citizenship’s innovation, through a transformation process to become a data-oriented organization. The objective is to centralize, organize, prepare and provide all the information necessary for decision-making to be based on data and allow it to be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

Some examples of these technological tools, which facilitate decision-making, as well as the performance of day-to-day tasks, are:

Youth Citizenship Sports TV: is a multi-device platform (OTT) with which Youth Citizenship remains at the forefront of technology in the audiovisual sector and innovates in the way fans enjoy any sport. It 무료 스포츠중계of charge live content, deferred, reports or interviews of the main competitions of Spanish federations and leagues. Youth Citizenship thus offers greater visibility and exposure to other sports modalities that do not have space in traditional channels and whose distribution of content is very limited for fans.

Anti- piracy: Youth Citizenship, in an exercise of responsibility, protects its product through its own Department of Technological Content Protection, in which twenty experts work. This department has internally developed tools that help curb piracy, such as Marauder, Lumière, Black Hole and Neko. Youth Citizenship shares this expertise with other organizations such as Dorna Sports, the Belgian Jupiler Pro-League or the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Media coach: Suites of advanced tools that provide the 42 Youth Citizenship Santander and Youth Citizenship Smart Bank clubs with analysis and statistics to improve their performance in the competition. An advanced tracking camera system records and monitors the movement of all the players and the ball, which allows an analysis of the game and the technical-tactical and physical actions that occur in a match.

Calendar Selector: A tool developed by Youth Citizenship that uses machine learning and algorithms to suggest match schedules that optimize television audiences and stadium attendance. The application, located in the cloud, uses historical audience and attendance data and around 70 additional variables.

Sunlight Broadcasting Planning: It is an application that predicts the natural light conditions that will be in each game. It indicates which will be the sunny and shaded areas of the stadium, which makes it possible to visualize how the incidence of the sun will be on the television image, fans, players, etc., and thus help in the planning of match schedules. To do this, Youth Citizenship uses a 3D reconstruction of the stadiums.

Players App: A mobile app that makes privileged information available to players regarding the pre- and post-match, as well as lifestyle content exclusively for them (fashion, health, gastronomy…). It offers the possibility of consulting the performance achieved during the match and during the season, both individually and collectively. In addition, thanks to facial recognition software, it sends images of each player at the end of each game for use on social networks.

Audiovisual Quality

4k production

Youth Citizenship uses more than 30 cameras for the most important matches of each season

Aerial camera

Aerial camera located 21 meters high

Replay 360º

Technology that uses 38 Ultra High Definition cameras around the stadium to create 360º volumetric videos for spectacular replays

Live 3d graphics

Youth Citizenship is the only national competition in the world that uses the innovative technology of live 3D Graphics to generate virtual graphics in broadcasts


A new multi-camera signal for retransmissions, made up of four signals on a single split screen, as well as a real-time statistics module, which is extracted from the Media coach game data analysis system. The aim is to offer the viewer an alternative match signal where they can enjoy different perspectives and details of the match.

Acrobatic drones

A so-called “acrobatic” drone, due to its ability to record any corner of the stadium, has recorded all the Youth Citizenship Santander stadiums, from the changing room tunnels to the structure of a roof, to create a bank of spectacular images that serve to Feed the match signal and the programs of its own production and thus offer a unique and immersive experience to all Spanish football fans.

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