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Robust Dental Lab in China is a full-service dental lab outsourcing partner. Crowns, Bridges, 3D digital, CAD-CAM, Implants, Dentures, Veneers, Removables, Orthodontics, and other services are provided by a 3,000 square meter laboratory test with 200 technicians and personnel. We have our own digital solution center where we can fix all of your digital issues.

What are you waiting for? Professional staff, extensive experience, flawless service, consistent quality, high-quality materials, and competitive costs.
We work with clients all across the world. Look forward to your arrival; you will be the next customer service representative.

  • Department of Marketing: The department in charge of pre-sales and after-sales support was the first to receive cases and the last to send them.
  • Department of Ceramics: Build up, sculpt, and shade Occlusion, Control Contact, and Fitting
  • Department Model: Bites, Articulators, Margins, Models
  • Department of Removables: All detachable goods, partial cast, set up, and finish
  • Department of Digital: Waxing, casting, scanning, designing, and milling are all steps in the manufacturing process.
  • Department of Quality Control: Last but not least, Control the whole process, including details, specifications, quality, and value-added services.

Our Product:

Stents for Surgery

Traditional prosthodontics has been replaced by dental implantology as a viable option. Implant placement in the bone to achieve a prosthetic solution that meets biologic, cosmetic, and biomechanical requirements has been a difficulty since the outset.

In the past, residual bone quality influenced implant location and inclination. Prosthetically guided implantology arose from the demand for a more predictable prosthesis.

During the diagnostic stage, this idea ensures the correct implant position based on the desired definitive restoration. The use of radiographic and surgical stents in conjunction with dental CT scan can play a major part in prosthetically guided implantology, where the appropriate location of the implant is decided by the definitive restoration. A stent is a device that is used for radiographic evaluation during implant treatment planning and surgical operations to determine the best implant insertion site.

The dental team can use the stent in conjunction with a dental CT scan to identify particular areas for future implant surgery and, as a result, determine the best position and angulation of the implant in relation to the occlusal load. With the use of a stent, the surgeon can avoid unfavourable implant site preparation and needless osteotomy, resulting in a more suitable prosthesis design, less surgical trauma, shorter surgery times, and improved patient comfort. This case study provides insight into the approach of fabricating a simple and cost-effective stent for implant placement, as well as its advantages over alternative stent production techniques.

Anti Snore Appliance

It takes some time to become used to most mouthpieces. Some of the devices I used, on the other hand, were excruciatingly painful to wear and needed many nights to get used to. Snore RX, on the other hand, was a lot more comfortable, because it’s designed to let you breathe through your mouth completely. This is especially beneficial for persons who breathe naturally through their mouths or who have sinus problems that prohibit them from breathing through their noses.
For increased comfort, the Snore RX mouthpiece has cushioning on the teeth, and I really liked the Posi-Lock feature, which prevents setting adjustments while you sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the highest standard for evaluating sleep medical services, has certified this product.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards, commonly referred to as night guards or sports guards, are used to protect the teeth and jaw from injury. Dentists recommend them for people of all ages who are at a higher risk of developing oral health problems as a result of teeth grinding, bite blockages, or contact sports impact. Dental guards come in a variety of styles, each of which is tailored to the patient’s specific requirements.

Mouth Guard

The thickness of the gums in the mouth varies depending on the patient. This makes the mouth guard exceptionally easy to wear and allows you to talk, breathe, and drink normally while wearing it. Traditional mouth guards are 30 percent weaker than custom-made customised mouth guards.

The perforated mouth guard is a custom-made, customised mouth guard.

The perforations are significant for a variety of reasons.

They help to reinforce the material by vibrating under impact, similar to how bridges are constructed.
Because the perforations allow saliva to flow through the holes, they will aid in the material’s fitting. This will provide you a tight fit, allowing you to interact with your teammates in a clear and understood manner. When you wear a custom created customised Mouth Guard, you will be able to breathe freely.
When you wear your Custom made customised mouth guard, you will also experience reduced drooling and, best of all, you will be able to drink while it is in place.


  • Appliance that serves a purpose
  • Activator and bionator are examples of removable functional appliances.
  • Fixing a working appliance
  • Group 1 appliances include things like an inclined plane and an oral screen.
  • Activator, biionator are examples of group 2 appliances.
  • frankel appliance is an example of a group 3 appliance.


Compressive stress and strain act on the structures involved, causing a primary change in shape as well as a secondary change in function.

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