Insights on Common Tantrum Triggers among Pre-Schoolers


Is your child cranky and crying after returning from day care? You will have many questions like, are they normal? Is it possible to prevent them? Well, you’re not alone. Every parent has been through it. Dealing with preschool temper tantrums is not easy. Sometimes, it could be overwhelming and frustrating. But, trust us; your child will settle soon, and your child will enjoy attending preschool program offered at the child care Five Dock. In fact, it is a normal part of your child’s development when they start schooling. First, you have to understand what causes preschool temper tantrums before knowing how to deal with them.

Causes of Tantrums in Pre-Schoolers


Nobody wants to wear uncomfortable footwear or materials that feel scratchy. The only difference is that when an adult is discomfort, they can replace the inconvenient irritations. But, children can’t do that. That’s why putting a four year old in jean and shoes and socks can be a battle.

Psychological Needs

Meltdown is the basic cause of your child’s when your child needs food, sleep or rest due to an illness. If your child is returning from day care Five Dock, don’t plan your grocery. Let them nap and finish their snack time.


Unlike adults, kids can’t multitask. Even if it is good stimuli, little ones can’t manage and organize everything all at one time. They are likely to throw severe tantrums. Make sure the day care your child goes doesn’t pressure the children too much.

Being Sensitive

Some children are allergic and sensitive to loud noises, crowd, and bright lights. If your child is always upset by the noise level in a particular space, find out if there are items that could distract them.

Can’t Cope With Other Children

This is one of the major reasons for toddler preschool tantrums. Some children can’t cope up with the other children at the school.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can make things worse in the initial days when your child starts school as they will be away from you in a new environment. But, they will be used to it in a couple of months.

How to Make Toddler Tantrums Less Likely

• Tired, hungry and overstimulated children are more likely to experience tantrums. So feed them once they come from early learning Five Dock centre.

• Talk with your child and find out what’s going on. Help them to manage their feelings.

• Identify the triggers and make sure to avoid them.

• When your child struggles with a strong feeling, encourage your child to name it, find, and help them overcome it.

• Be consistent and calm in your approach.

Pre-schoolers can be able to understand that their actions have effects. Handle it wisely. With a consistent approach, you could deal the tantrums.

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