Insights to Get the Partner Visa

If you are living in the UK for work purpose or personal reasons, you have all the rights to take your spouse along with you. No matter, either you are soon to be married or enter a civil partnership in the UK, but your soon to be wife or husband can join you for the period of six months. Once they become your wife or husband, you can retain them by applying the UK Partner Visa. Ahead applying to the visa, you need to know about the validity period of the visa. Only then, you would come to know whether or not you can apply for the visa.

The validity of the visa will vary according to whose for the visa is. If the visa is for your husband or wife or civil partner or for the partner that you have lived with for more than 2 years, then the partner visa will last for 33 months. If it is needed to be, they can renew their visa from the UK for another 2 years and 6 months period. If they meet the requirements of these visas, they can apply to settle in the UK after a total of 5 years. If the visa is for your fiancée, the visa will last for up to 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria of the Tier 2 General Visa

If you are a highly skilled worker and got a chance to work in the UK, then you need to think about applying for the Tier 2 General Visa UK. To become eligible for getting the tier 2 general visa, you must go behind and satisfy the forthcoming criteria. Only then, you will get the tier 2 visa.

  • You must have a job and from a sponsoring employer in the UK
  • You must pass the general grounds for refusal
  • You should have a Tier 2 Visa minimum salary offered of £30,000 for a year
  • You should have least 10 points for knowledge of the English Language
  • You must have  50 points in attributes
  • You should have crossed 16 years
  • You should not take any type of public funds
  • You should not get any other job in the UK apart from the job in the certificate of sponsorship checking service such as not including supplementary employment and voluntary work
  • You should meet the Condition to hold an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate




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