Inspection tips: five things to look for when buying a used forklift

Getting a forklift for your business is ideal if you don’t want to wait on whether the equipment is available or not. If you want to have one handy so you can use it whenever you need it, then look beyond Toyota forklift rental options and check out the inventory for a used forklift for sale instead.

Before you pick one, here are five tips you’ll want to keep front and center when you check out used options.

Watch out for signs of damage

Is there any indication of damage with the equipment? Be on the lookout for that, the VTHC OHS Unit cautions. If there are visible problems with the model, don’t brush them aside. Determine the extent of the damage. You may want to bring along an expert to inspect the units for you. That way, you can avoid bad bets when you look for a used forklift for sale.

Check everything

Don’t skip anything during the inspection, The Fabricator says. When you bring a qualified forklift technician to perform the inspection, make sure he does a thorough job of it. If the technician doesn’t look over your tires, then that’s a red flag. If he skips anything, then look for a different technician to help you scout around for a good secondhand forklift, preferably one that won’t break down on you much too soon.

Is it clean?

You’re less likely to choose a Toyota forklift rental if it’s not clean. The same goes for a used forklift. While a bit of dirt is nothing, if it’s much too dirty, it could be hiding other signs of trouble or problems. Be vigilant. Otherwise, you could fall into the trap of a dodgy forklift seller.

Consider the fit

Is the forklift the right one for your business? What will you use it for? Who’s going to use it? Think of your staff. Will they be able to operate the equipment? These are important considerations you’ll need to work through before you pick a used model.

Ask about maintenance

Assess the condition of the model. Has it been maintained well? Request for the forklift’s maintenance records. If the firm can’t provide you with one or if they keep giving you out excuses, then you may not be seeing the bigger picture. Instead of ending up with a forklift that may prematurely break down on you, then look elsewhere.

Finding a seller

These tips won’t cover everything you need to know about inspecting forklift models. But these should be enough to provide you with useful information on how to spot stellar options from bad ones. To get started, find out which companies offer good-quality forklifts for sale. Research about the firm so you’ll know its reputation, industry record and background. These will prove helpful to you when you decide which seller or unit meets your buying standards.


Buying a forklift can be a practical and convenient solution for your team and business. Make sure you choose the right model by paying attention to these tips.

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