Inspiring Office Interior Paint Colours


Office paint colours play a crucial role in productivity. When you choose the right colours, office painting Sydney can be a rewarding project. In fact, you can have a productive environment that has an incredible effect on creativity, energy, and focus.

White and blue minimalism offices are thing of the past as the statement-making bold colours are back in trend. More thoughts are put into making offices more inviting and productive. Do you want to create the best environment for your workforce? Take a look at these colours shared by our top office painters Sydney that is sure to inspire you:-

Deep Blue

A striking deep blue gives an extra depth to it while giving a relaxing and powerful feel at the same time. Blue is a soothing colour that’s both inspiring and inviting, making it a versatile colour that could be paired with any hues. A deep blue is an excellent choice for a bustling modern office space.

Blue pairs well with cooler shades like grey and white and bold hues like greens and yellows. The key is to bring deep blues in airy and bright office spaces so that it doesn’t look dull and tiring.

Forest Green

Undoubtedly, green is an inspiring colour. However, it might not be your go-to choice when it comes to the office. But, deep forest green gives a dramatic effect and it’s a good option for creating an accent wall or for a cosy space or meeting space. Instead of painting the walls entirety deep forest green, add a feature wall and pair it with the right colours to make it look both inviting and productive. Deep greens are warm, natural, and earthy. When used it right, it can help pull off the design together. Also, deep forest green surprisingly pairs well with both modern and contemporary office furniture.

Grey White

Grey white combinations will never go out of style as they are a classic colour choice. It’s a perfect colour for both modern and contemporary office, regardless of the choice. Moreover, it can be paired with any hues as they are versatile. It’ll be a worthy investment as this combination will never go out of style and can conceal stains and scratches.

ICY White

When you are in doubt and wondering what colour to paint, white is a timeless go-to option for office painting. Also, white is a safe choice and you will never go wrong with this colour.

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow might not be on your list. But, if you want to go for something completely different, then you can’t go wrong with a rich golden yellow. If you have a small office space, then yellow is the right choice to create an inviting and productive working environment.

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