Install These Linux Distributions on Your USB Stick

You never know when your computer can stop working and goes out of function. If you operate a lot on your PC, you’ll be in trouble. Or there could be times when you won’t be able to carry your laptop, and you’ll have to use someone else’s system and start from scratch. That is not a good experience. This is where the Linux distribution or Linux distros rescue you by providing you with an operating system to manage your tasks. You can install any of the Linux distros on your USB Stick, plug it in any system, and start working.

But with a variety of options available these days, it can get confusing to choose the best one out for yourself. The hunt for the best Linux system can become easy if you use the list given below:

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is a collection of multiple Linux distributions built on similar principles, using the same set of tools, a unique set of Puppy specific applications and configurations that provide consistent behaviors and features, regardless of the device you are using it in. It comes with regular updates and versions to enhance the performance. You can easily install Puppy Linux on your USB Stick for using it on a day-to-day basis. It is fast, reliable, and customizable as well.

Elementary OS

If you are looking for an uncomplicated yet striking operating system, then Elementary OS is the ideal option for you. It seems like a combination of a Mac and GNOME desktop environment that brings you some intuitive features where you can personalize your experience with a few clicks. It comes with a few in-built essential apps like the LibreOffice suite, the GIMP image editor, and the Audacity sound editor, making it easy for you to use the operating system. It works a lot like Ubuntu that offers a smooth run and better performance.

Ubuntu Gamepack

This is an excellent alternative for people who want a stable and robust platform for gaming. You can carry a portable gaming PC in your pocket. It has some limitations, but it is enough to meet your basic gaming needs without running into any issue. You can easily download your existing Linux titles library on Ubuntu Gamepack, and it also includes Lutris – an open-source platform for installing the games without any hassle. You can also use PlayOnLinux for adding more power to Windows titles.

Sugar on a Stick

This distribution is created specifically for kids as a part of the One Laptop Per Child project. It was designed to empower children from different walks of life and don’t have enough to invest in education. Sugar on a Stick doesn’t require an internet connection to function, so you can use it directly on the hard drive or copy it as a live Linux USB desktop. This gives a sense of control to children and lets them temporarily use the computer, and it encourages them to use free and open-source software to their benefits. You can check the demo of how the browser on Sugar on a Stick looks and performs.

Using a desktop operating system on a USB stick saves a lot of space while giving you a good experience. Nowadays, USB sticks come with massive storage space at an affordable price, so installing even a heavy operating system won’t bug you too much. And you are free to install and switch between multiple operating systems in a single USB stick at any time you want.

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