Instances Georgelis Injury Law Firm Might Refuse to Take Your Case

Before you go out and hire one of the bicycle Accident Lawyers Lancaster PA, you might be interested in whether or not Georgelis Injury Law Firm is the best option for your needs. Below, we will help you make your decision by exploring some of the instances where we might refuse to take on your case.

1. We Don’t Believe You Can Win

Just about any of the best motorcycle accident injury lawyers Lancaster PA will refuse to take on your case if they feel that you are unable to win in the end. Lawyers have the same interest as you and will only confidently take on your case if they feel you can win.

2. Your Expectations are Unrealistic

Sadly, many people come in to see a lawyer with unrealistic expectations of what we can do. Just because we practice law doesn’t mean that we can do the impossible for you. If you have unrealistic expectations that we don’t find to be possible, we will probably turn you away.

3. When We Don’t Agree on Methods

As lawyers, we take our trade seriously. We don’t believe in using unconventional and/or questionable tactics for winning cases. If a client comes in wanting us to do things that we don’t see as moral, we will usually just tell them to seek out a different legal professional for their needs.

4. If the Client Cannot Pay Our Fee

Of course, we aim to make some money in exchange for our legal services. If a client is unwilling to pay our fees, we will have to turn them away. Our time is very valuable and we will then be able to instead focus on those who value it.

5. We Are too Busy

We only have a limited number of work hours in a day. For this reason, there will be times that we are too busy to handle your case. If this happens, we will normally inform you right away that we have a full schedule and follow up with a date that we might be able to start.

Ready to Hire Georgelis Injury Law Firm?

If you want to work with a top-rated Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Lancaster PA, then Georgelis Injury Law Firm is a good legal firm to hire. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation.

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