Instant Desserts for Kids: What They Like the Most

Preschool La Mirada CADesserts after a meal are the tradition of many families or countries. If you are looking for the desserts that kids like the most, you can try them with your kids in the kitchen. This article can prove worthwhile for you. Here, the Preschool Brea, CA team is going to discuss instant dessert recipes for kids. Also, you can involve your kids in the kitchen for these easy recipes and enjoy the day with your little munchkins. Baking with your kiddos can be a memorable time for you will spend.

Have a look:

Oreo Dirt Cups 

Prepare the chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies, then whip up some delicious Oreo dirt cups! Even a 2-year-old can assist with this dish because it is so simple. The addition of gummy worms protruding from the smashed Oreos on top of these adorable small cups will make them look much more appealing.

Chocolate traybake

This American-style chocolate traybake is incredibly simple to make, can be made ahead of time, and divided into uniform servings. It is ideal for bake sales or birthday celebrations.

No-Bake Cookies 

Even a child can make a cookie without baking! To demonstrate how simple it is, make this dessert with your kids. Among the cookies, peanut butter’s buttery flavor stands out.

Additionally, every chewy bite is wonderful and is made even more intriguing by the presence of crunchy oats and fatty chunks. Let’s use this treatment to give kids lifelong memories!

Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 

In addition to enjoying them, of course, your children will love breaking up all the cookies that go into them. To be honest, it might even be your favorite part.

Cookies & Cream Mousse 

Your kids’ favorite part about making these (besides eating them, of course!) will be smashing up all the cookies that go in them. TBH, hope it will be your favorite part, too.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Who among children doesn’t enjoy ice cream? They will enjoy a cold treat that is so much fun to make thanks to these simple ice cream sandwiches! Kids will be able to put together the ice cream and cookies on their own, but you’ll need to help with the baking (it only takes 10 minutes!). Even for adults, this dish has a strong addictive quality.

Cookie dough pizza

Pizza comes in a wide range of variations, but this one is undoubtedly our favorite. Add any sweets you choose to the top of your cookie dough pizza.

Sugar Cookies 

Sugar cookies have a delicious vanilla flavor that is hard to resist. They are soft and smooth in the middle with sharp edges. The form is consistently preserved in its original splendor. These large sugar biscuits with flat surfaces are perfect for kids to decorate. You can assist your kids in molding these cookies as they choose. Create some original sugary treats!


These are a few instant dessert recipes you can try at home with your kids. It will add a new spark to your meal. Rather, if you are looking for a preschool in La Mirada, CA, we are here to assist you. We are certified to deliver the best services to our clients.

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