Instapage Review: Landing Page Software for Bloggers

Landing pages have been a core feature in inbound marketing. Convert your guests through subscribers or future clients with well-designed landing pages.

Instapage Review: Landing Page Software for Bloggers

That said, it can be very challenging to build a landing page. Currently, designing and checking landing pages is one of marketers’ top five obstacles today. Therefore you have landing page constructors, who supply users with tools to build high-converting technical landing pages.

In this instapage review, we shall look at the functionality of the tool, pricing and even lead you in the creation of your first Instapage landing page.

What is Instapage?

Instapage was quickly launched in 2012 and has become one of the leading construction tools on the market. You can create beautiful landing pages and publish them in minutes with the Drag & Drop page Creator in Instapage. The software gives you access to 100+ pre-designed templates which are mobile-friendly and conversion-optimized to generate leads for your business.

Instapage Pricing (Annual)

  1. Basic – $29/mo
  2. Professional – $55/mo
  3. Premium – $127/mo

Key Features

  • Mobile Responsive: Instapage provides more than 100 customizable mobile templates that improve the conversion efficiency.
  • Landing Page Builder: the builder of Instapage’s landing page makes it simple for you to create and change beautiful landing pages quickly.
  • Inclusion of WordPress: powering over 25% of websites, WordPress is clearly an insanely successful CMS. Instapage combine effortlessly with WordPress so that your newly built landing page can be blended with your WordPress homepage seamlessly.
  • Countdown timers – Countdown timers on landing pages are used to relay sign-up urgently. With Instapage you can install custom countdown time pages.
  • PPC Compatibility – Landing page builders and PPC campaigns work together to boost the campaign productivity, and it is critical for the landing page software to be compliant with AdWords. Instapage requires your landing page to be published on a custom domain to conform entirely with AdWords policy and provides advanced campaign management capabilities to improve your PPC results.
  • Help for AMP – Build AMP pages with the same drag and drop interface.
  • Detailed allocation data – Instapage is able to communicate with Google AdWords and other providers to combine allocation data such as AdWords or pricing data over and beyond research.

What makes it batter than other landing page builders?

Firstly, the landing pages are 100% committed to them. Many builders of WordPress page have a few models, but it doesn’t focus on their own. Instapage has more than 200 models and all controls are guided to landing pages.

Secondly, the emphasis on research and optimization is much greater in Instapage. Reporting, heatmaps, metrics, ease of inclusion in Google Tag Manager and several more are supported. None of these features are supported by most page builders.

Thirdly, from an Instapage account you can handle landing pages on various websites that is useful for a variety of websites.

Finally, Instapage will host the sites and digital properties you want to have (such as lead magnets). It’s certainly not that easy though you can do this with WordPress.

Instapage pro’s and con’s


  • Real creator who draws and drops you in no way limit
  • A great selection of templates that look great, most of them.
  • Quick checks for A/B
  • Conversion and analytics are combined
  • Loads of integrations with common utilities in email marketing
  • Accommodation for fast lead magnets
  • Ability to change your mobile page edition


  • Cost, mainly. The characteristics are amazing, but not inexpensive. The fee is charged to casual consumers.
  • No cheapest A/B trial schedule. Instapage then gets even more
  • A little short widget collection. Widget list. E.g. a dedicated price table widget will be useful.

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