Instructions for Water Tank Insulation Jacket Installation Manual


The water tank insulation jacket is wrapped and covered over the water heater to control its temperature and helps in keeping it suitable depending upon the climatic condition. The water tank jacket helps in controlling the water temperature of the hot water. There are various companies manufacturing water tank insulation jackets and NOVA GUARD is one of them which manufactures premium quality Water Tank Insulation Jackets for Indian and overseas market. The material used for manufacturing includes foil, sheets, fiberglass, and many more.

The material used depends upon the factors like climatic conditions and the insulation required by your water heater. R-Value is used for the calculation of that insulation which is used to measure thermal resistance. It requires extra padding in case the R-Value is maximum. The insulation cover influences the R-Value depending upon the thickness/density. In case the water tank is placed in such areas of your house where the possibility of climate control is minimum, a water jacket with maximum R-Value should be selected

How to install a Water Tank Insulation Jacket?

These are the following 7 steps to the installation of your water tank insulation jacket:

    • You would be getting a kit for installation. Take all the parts out of the kit. You should be having all the various sections and straps. Shale the jacket parts a little after unrolling the jacket parts. The jacket needs to get expanded, hence in this step you need to allow a few minutes for the insulation jacket to expand.
    • Wrap the water tank with the jacket in the horizontal direction and the top of the jacket aligned with the top of the tank. The cotton side should be facing the tank and the foil side should be facing outside. The uncovered portion should be the lower portion of the tank. Make necessary marks where the roll begins to overlap so that you can place it on the floor and cut out the portion which is in excess.
    • Over the tank lid, you need to place the short section panel. After pacing the short section panel, you need to cut the insulation jacket as per the size and shape of your water tank as different water tanks have different sizes and shapes. Also, cut the insulation to suit vent pipes, etc.
    • In case you see any cutes over the material or the edges, use insulation tape. Insulation take is used to seal any cuts over the edges or anywhere else.
    • The long section of the jacket should be wrapped starting at the center of one of the sides. Also during the process, tap the ends of the top panel.
    • You need to make sure that the cover is wrapped properly around the water tank. All the sides of the water tank should be fully covered. Tie the jacket loosely by making use of tapes and make necessary adjustments in fixing the jacket according to the size of the tank.
    • The right proportion should be that the ties are one third from the bottom and one third from the top of the tank and space between those ties should be kept equal in order to avoid any misbalance.
    • Lastly, check the fit of the jacket by your hands and eyes to ensure even coverage. One most important point to notice here is that you must know that the panels insulate more effectively in the case when they are not compressed, so it is highly advisable while installing the water tank insulation jacket that you do not over tighten the straps.
    • In case, you are wrapping an oil or gas water heater, do not cover the top of the tank. Similarly if wrapping an electric water heater, from the excess portion two semi-circular pieces should be cut so that the diameter should be equal to the diameter of the tank. The top portion can be covered with these two pieces.

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