Insurance Deductible Financing Program

Finance My Deductible is a simple app that solves a complicated problem. We have automated the deductible collection and compliance in a way that is simple, smart, and safe.

Why Finance My Deductible?

We created Finance My Deductible (Finance My Deductible) because we needed a way to stay compliant and keep clients. New laws all over the US have closed loopholes that allowed contractors to waive insurance deductibles on jobs. Finance My Deductible does two important things: keeps legal compliance simple and allows customers to pay the deductible over time. Insurance Deductible Financing Program

Insurance and Legislative Endorsement

We knew that Finance My Deductible would only work across multiple states if we made sure our novel idea was endorsed by both the insurance industry and legislators. So, we worked with both groups and app developers to create the Finance My Deductible app.  Insurance Deductible Financing Solution

Finance Not Finance

Finance My Deductible lets you finance projects for all your customers and provides secure payment processing. Financeing means no financing fees, no application, and no credit check. The homeowner chooses an amount to pay that works for their budget, and makes monthly payments on the deductible.

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