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We Pride Ourselves as The Singapore Thermal Spraying Coating and Engineering Equipment Specialists. WWG Engineering is the Integrated and Complete one stop Engineering Services and Solutions

WWG Engineering Pte Ltd started as Engineering services provider specialising in Surface Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Services, Equipment Refurbishment and Re-manufacturing Works. Over the years, we are serving a very diverse Singapore Engineering Industry such as Water, Food, Power-generation, Marine, Offshore, Refinery and Petrochemical.

With such a unique and specialized technological engineering background, today we are providing an Integrated and Complete One-Stop Engineering Services and Solutions. An Industrial Leader in the areas of Engineering Equipment and Components Refurbishment, Rebuilding, Repairing and Re-manufacturing.

Our Integrated Services Includes

  • Thermal Spray Coating
  • Cold Spray Technology
  • Anti Corrosion / Protective Coating
  • Welding Technology
  • Hard Chrome Plating
  • Metal Machining and Cylindrical Grinding
  • White Metal Bearings
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Process Piping
  • Gear Fabrication and much more

We are among the very few Rotating Equipment Specialists in Singapore, offering full range of workshop facilities from mechanical fittings, medium and large-format metal machining, specialized welding processes and a wide range of thermal spray coating rebuilding, cylindrical grinding finishing etc.

WWG Engineering’s Core Competency consists of a series of Surface Modification Technologies. Among its surface engineering solutions ecosystem, Thermal Spraying Coating processes are an important part of the overall success formula.

The most critical part of Thermal Spray Coating applications actually lies on the “operating conditions”. What are customers’ expectations, to either restore the machinery and component’s dimensions, temporary fix or they want to improve surface properties, functionality and upgrade performance and service life via correct selection of appropriate materials with the exact right chemistry.

WWG Engineering Pte Ltd is part of a diversified Business and Engineering Group of Companies. Over the years, we have been offering integrated engineering solutions and services for the industrial segments of oil & gas, petrochemical, power generations, semiconductors and mission-critical industry such as military and aviation.

Our Team Members are experienced in Rotating, Stationery Equipment and Plants Projects. Supporting many Global OEMs and Manufacturing Plants, we offer a unique mix of strength for engineering equipment and components, by suitably combining our competencies in workshop machining, surface engineering such as thermal spray coating, specialized welding, engineering fabrications and mechanical engineering works. Our complementary activities include performing dynamic balancing, white metal bearing re-babbitting, gear hopping, hard chrome plating, ceramic, polymerized and anti-erosive coating etc.

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