Intellectual Property Translation to Protect Your Intellectual Property

If you are looking to expand business by introducing your products and services to new markets in overseas, you have to make sure that your Intellectual Property (IP) is adequately protected in those countries. This often involves having all your documents translated into the local language and following local filing guidelines. Professional intellectual property translation is absolutely beneficial in legally protecting your copyrights, trademarks, and patents from potential sabotage and theft in the global market!


Working with experts


Experienced IP translators understand the importance of correct language usage in IP legal filings, as any wrong or misinterpreted term can have damaging consequences down the line. It’s important to outsource your project to specialised and qualified linguists with training and many years of experience in intellectual property translation. Some of the best translators even have experience in the legal sector, so they have a good understanding of IP laws in certain territories.


With professional intellectual property translation, you can be sure that the translated test will be legally sound, error-free, and accepted by organisations like the EPO and WIPO. Expert IP translators will do all they can to prevent misinterpretation of your documents by using exact and unambiguous language.


Quality and confidentiality assured


Professional IP translation companies have systems in place to keep your IP details confidential and secure. They apply the latest and most advanced IT solutions to secure your documents, and their translators are thoroughly verified to ensure their trustworthiness. Your project will be subjected to thorough quality assurance checks to ensure compliance with ISO 17100:2017 quality standards.


Rigorous project management


Every intellectual property translation project is fully managed by an in-house team of translators, with a dedicated project manager to oversee its every phase. Your IP is subject to a thorough management procedure, starting with the careful selection of suitable translators for the specific industry and language involved. This way, you are assured extreme attention to detail and compliance with specific conventions in style and terminology.

Consistency in multiple languages


Do you require multiple language combinations? Translation solutions can be customised with tailored times and costs. By entrusting your multilingual IP translation to one company, you are assured consistent terminology, uniform style, and optimised costs and times.About the Author:

This article was written by Sabrina Eskelson, CEO of Metafrasi. Metafrasi provides specialised translation services to multinational companies, agencies, and institutions. Metafrasi has more than 20 years of experience, specialising in patent translation, medical translation and technical translation, as well as certified and sworn translations, and post-editing of machine translation.

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