intelligent marketers weigh down on Instagram Stories


This calendar year, Instagram revealed that Stories was launched in the year prior and has gained more than 250 million users. When Stories in 2016, the app was a Snapchat imitation that could not gain a significant number of users.


Presently, Instagram Stories are proliferating. It is by people from Generation Z to stay connected with their friends through Instagram influencers who are interested in engaging their followers and marketers who want to tell their brand’s stories in a different method.


The top marketers of today have taken to Instagram Stories for some reasons. In general, the platform lets marketers create content that furthers the objectives of their brands in a sustainable manner. Here are ten main factors that are driving marketers to adopt Instagram Stories.



Instagram has defeated Snapchat in a game of its own. Around 100 million more users are using Stories than Snapchat. If this trend continues, most Instagram customers (700 million) will use Stories at the end of 2018.


Marketers usually focus on platforms that can attract many potential customers. Instagram Stories has attracted millions of users in a relatively short time.



According to a study, the average teenager uses Snapchat 11 times a day. Although a similar study hasn’t been conducted on Instagram, Instagram Stories will probably experience identical use patterns.


Since Stories is a tool that encourages users to read content several times a day, it’s an ideal solution for those who want to engage their target audience as often as they can.


  1. Producing high-quality content requires minimal assistance

Creating engaging content for Instagram Stories is pretty simple instead of making a stunning YouTube video Facebook ad. The production values of Stories are generally less than those on the other platforms for social media. This is because they require fewer marketing resources, which means that stories can be developed faster.

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One could argue that not only is content with high production value unneeded on Stories, but it’s inappropriate. Stories are indeed a product designed to enhance the sense of realism and personalization for users—the Instagram experience.


  1. live video is turned into stories

Live videos were a popular marketing buzzword throughout 2017 and are expected to become an essential topic for marketers. Stories integrate live video into the application. Marketers can broadcast live videos shared with Instagram users when you press an icon. People enrolled in Instagram notifications enabled will be notified whenever the brand starts the live stream.


  1. Stories could lead to off-platform content

In the case of traditional Instagram posts, it isn’t easy to get users to engage in an action that is not on Instagram, such as visiting a brand-name website. However, Stories make the transition effortless. Through a simple scroll, the user can allow viewers of a story to switch between Instagram to a page with their brand. This makes for a more pleasurable experience for the viewers and helps marketers effectively drive visitors to their websites through Instagram.



The use of social media may cause brands to fall foul of the law if their content is not in tune. But since Instagram Stories expire after they are seen, it shields companies from some of the dangers associated with other social media platforms.


Of course, Stories have to be consistent since users can take screenshots of content. Yet, marketers need to be concerned little about whether the content they create is compatible with strict guidelines on social media, thereby allowing them to take on more prudent risk when it comes to strategy and content.



The efficiency of these channels will fluctuate as time passes. Presently, Instagram Stories is enjoying increasing and widespread popularity. This is why marketers are taking on Stories at such a rapid pace – the channel’s brand new and new media tend to be highly efficient.


Keep in mind that the internet can be very noisy. The average attention span for us is 8 seconds when browsing the internet (a goldfish has 12 seconds). The use of novelty helps marketers get interested. In addition, Instagram Stories is novel.



Due to the nature of temporary Stories, the brands can connect with their customers “behind the scenes.” This allows marketers to establish more intimate connections with potential customers. Through Stories, marketers can have an open Q&A live with their leadership team and show photos of the process taking place behind the scenes to introduce the new product. Stories can help increase the connection and enthusiasm among your followers.


  1. Stories are a natural way to appeal to generations Z

The members of Generation Z prefer Instagram and Snapchat over other social media sites partly due to the short-lived nature of Snapchat’s Stories feature appealing to their online lifestyle. It is believed that many Gen Zers who previously utilised Snapchat quit Snapchat for Instagram after Stories was launched. Marketers who want to speak with Gen Zers choose Stories because they know that this segment uses Stories in huge quantities.


  1. More people are expected to use stories in the coming year

As mentioned earlier, the expectation is that more users will use Instagram Stories in the coming year, which will make it the most popular social media platform in its genre. Companies that want to create content appealing to younger generations are likely to increasingly use Stories due to the sheer number of users flocking to it.


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