Intense Pulsed Light Treatment – All That You Need To Know

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is a popular cosmetic skin treatment used to reduce signs of aging or excess hair. People also use the treatment to lighten dark patches of skin, reducing the appearance of scars and spider veins. IPL Singapore is a procedure that is often confused with laser treatment.

While the two might offer similar results, they differ fundamentally.

IPL v/s Laser Treatment

The primary point of difference between IPL and laser treatment is that laser treatment delivers a single wavelength of energy. IPL, on the contrary, delivers multiple wavelengths.

This means that IPL targets and treats a broader area than laser treatment, and thus, can offer faster results.

Use of Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

If you are not sure if IPL is the right treatment for your concerns, here is a list of use cases for IPL treatment:

· Rosacea (a condition that causes redness on the face)

· Sunburns

· Acne scars and birthmarks

· Hyperpigmentation

· Spider veins

· Wrinkles

· Unwanted hair and tattoo removal

· Melasma (a condition causing brown/grey-brown skin patches)

Getting IPL treatment in Singapore

IPL is a considerably safe treatment for most people. However, before getting the treatment, you must consider your particular situation and talk to an advisory expert.

Pregnant women and people who are on blood thinners, for example, should avoid IPL.

Also, you should make sure you do the right preparation before getting the treatment. Common preparations include avoiding sunbathing, waxing, and collagen injections 2 weeks before the procedure.

Also, you should find reliable cosmetic facilities where you can get the procedure done with complete safety.

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