Interesting Facts About The Silk Sarees:

The sarees are ancient wear where women from south India wear them for all occasions. It is the very oldest wear but still trendy and admirable one. The Kanchipuram silk sarees are very familiar in Asian countries, as the women believe in their traditions and culture. These sarees are found and worn by the Indus valley civilization from 3300BC to 1300BC.


The Kanchipuram sarees are made with pure mulberry silks that are extracted from the mulberry tree. These sarees are weaved by hand with only two weavers at each end. Mostly the sarees are handcrafted and use different colors in the body and the borders. The sarees colors are made with the chemical substances which are soaked and used in the sarees. 


The sarees are a 6metre long fine cloth, with easy draping texture. It is draped around the body in different styles according to the people’s culture. There are different styles of wearing the saree and can choose the blouse according to the pallu color. Nowadays people prefer heavy work blouses which are very unique and have a very classy look. Mostly, women prefer only sarees for festivals or special occasions. 


Women who wear saree look very cool and beautiful, it is a very pretty garment actually. When coming to the wedding party, women always prefer Kanjivaram sarees for wedding, as the saree comes out with a traditional look and is very authentic, so people from different countries also choose Kanchipuram sarees for any special occasion. The wedding sarees are looks very beautiful and have a lot of color combinations. We can also find many unique designs on the borders that give additional look to the saree. We can also customize the sarees as per our choice and recommend sculpting the bride and groom’s names in the pallu. Also, the borders have been designed with many designs such as temples, festive mode,  artworks, peacocks, birds, etc.  


The silver Kanjeevaram saree is very unique and very pleasant. If the women drape this saree, sure they will look like angels. The saree color looks like the reflection of moon attire and seems to be very pleasant. Mostly, this variety of sarees is worn for special occasions like weddings and receptions. It enhances the beauty of the women and looks very rich and classy. 


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