Interior Design: 12 Important Points You Should Know

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This article will help you to know how to design your place and important points that you must consider at the time of interior designing.

While doing Interior Design work of your residential place you should need to know the following important points.

  1. Before Purchasing Furniture or creating Furniture you should Check Exact size and measurement will equal to the Space existing or not in height x Length x width.
  2. Make sure that your All Drawers, Locks, and Doors of Furniture are appropriately openable and lockable and also check any Noise is coming when closing or Opening Doors, Drawers.
  3. After Taking Furniture Please makes sure you protect/Cover All the Furniture with paper or cloths before starting the color Painting.
  4. After Painting please Check worker has completely washed all the color drops on Floor.
  5. Before starts wall Painting makes sure you have complete with all Furniture and electrical work on Walls. Make sure you take away all undesirable things from the wall before color painting.
  6. Before Flooring, Pop-False Ceiling, Painting, Roofing, Wall make sure all the Electrical work is finished for Light Arrangements
  7. Before Setting the Grids or Setting the Windows for Bathrooms or Kitchen you should choose and purchase exhaust fans to set the Exact Sizes.
  8. Check all the Wanted Electrical Sockets, Plug Point, Power socket, Switches has been occupied as per necessities.
  9. Make sure all Phone points, Intercom Points, Internet Points have to be taken to the correct location.
  10. Check the capacity of the Meter and total Capacity of the Illumination Units you have. Make sure you have Suitable Earthlings for Power to Avoid Short circuit.
  11. While Civil Modifications make sure Plumbing work is correctly complete and there is no leakage in Plumbing.
  12. At Plumbing work please check Water Pressure is Accurate or not, sure all the Outlets Appropriate Working & there is no Blockage. Also, Check the Slope correctly near Outlets.

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