Interior House Painting – Painting Ceilings

There are heaps of paint products and finishes in the market place but what interior house paint do I use where and why you ask? Well I have to start somewhere so I will start with the most commonly used ones around your home, just to stop the confusion for now.

Interior Painters Suffolk a ceiling and what do you apply when you are home painting your ceilings, this is an easy one. Ceilings tend to have a lot of light and shadows thrown across them due to the nature of their horizontal plane. Vertical planes such as walls repel shadows and light.

So you need a product that is going to hide all the sins and imperfections that plasterboard or dry wall dishes up. For example joints in the plasterboard or dry wall will show up more in ceilings than they do on walls. So you need the lowest sheen or shine on that surface as possible. The best product for that is a flat acrylic paint or simply ceiling flat. Flat ceiling paints have great coverage and hiding power, they are washable in water which makes for easy cleaning of your brushes and equipment when you’re done. [or to clean up that dreaded paint spill that may have occurred over the pet cat or dog that was pleasantly sleeping by :-)] Anyhow one thing they are not known for is their cleaning or scrubbing qualities, because it is a very porous paint once it has dried. It is designed for one thing and one thing only its hiding and covering abilities.

The basic tools and things you will need when Interior Painters Suffolk!


“Go on give it a go then you can tell your mates you did it yourself, but they probably will not believe you because it looks so professional”. So I hope these interior painting tips helped you with home painting your ceilings. Remember ceiling flat is your product. Watch this spot while I pluck my way through this subject on “WHAT INTERIOR HOUSE PAINT GOES WHERE AND WHY” and you will be able to read about walls and what we do to them.


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