International Payment Gateway for Online Business

Being an online merchant and planning to boost your business internationally then you must look out for reliable options that would not only help you to secure your online transactions but will also help the merchant to grow their business at an exponential rate. While setting up your business, you can capture a lot of customers with the help of an International Payment Gateway. Having a secure payment gateway offers an ultimate solution to all your high- risk business needs. With a secure payment gateway, it would become easy for you to handle your international payments without any discomfort and will let you process your transactions fast.

However, finding one reliable payment gateway for your business is a very hectic task, and that too when you deal in an high-risk business. Few examples of a High-Risk merchant account Business that makes it difficult for the merchants to exercise secure payments

  • Adult, Online Dating, Cam Sites
  • Nutraceuticals & Herbal
  • Online Pharmacies
  • Gambling & Online Gaming
  • Adult Fantasy Sports
  • E-cigarettes, Tobacco & Incense

Not anymore, you can look up to Amald for safeguarding your payouts without any hassle.

Why Trust Amald for your payment Gateway

  1. Our merchant account managers will align you with the best and most cost-effective acquiring banking solution for your industry.
  2. We offer trusted and knowledgeable banking partners. Our international banking partners understand the business of merchant acquiring and will help you to manage your funds effectively.
  3. We offer global exposure by processing payments in practically any form of currency while also accepting local card brands.
  4. With our international bank support, we enable the merchants to process high-risk payments.
  5. We offer outstanding Customer Support and serve you as an advisor for the life of your international merchant account.
  6. We offer 3D Secure processing which requires cardholders to enter a password to verify identity, deflecting any and all fraud liability from the merchant to the credit card issuing bank.

How to get one for your Business?

  1. Fill the application form with all the necessary details and documents

Documents required:

  • A bank letter or a pre-printed voided check
  • 3 months of the most recent processing statements,
  • A valid, government-issued ID, such as a state-issued driver’s license
  • 3 months of the most recent bank statements
  • Their Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number
  • Also, merchants who operate online must have a fully-functioning and secure website.


  1. Once your application is received by our expert team, they will review and verify everything on their end
  2. After verifying all the documents, your account will be approved and you can begin processing immediately.

We believe that every business has different requirements, and no business should compromise when it comes to processing their transactions, and that is why we have come up with a solution. We will make sure that you aren’t settling for anything less than what you deserve. With us, you get international payment gateway processing services that mirror your specific business needs.

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