International Students Can Be Temporarily Banned From Travelling To Ontario

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, is currently putting in motion in suspending international student travel to Ontario.

This was heard after a meeting with the provinces on April 29, 2021.

PM Trudeau said:

Premier Ford asked that we suspend the arrival of international students. Because at this time Ontario is the only province requesting this, we are happy to work more narrowly with them. We will be reaching out to their officials today (April 30) to formalize that request.

The office of the premier’s said that they did not make a formal request for the federal government to halt students from different countries to enter the province of Ontario.

In the press conference, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that he pleaded with the Prime Minister that they should do more in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Ford has also called for land border crossers to be subject to the same three-day hotel quarantine as air travellers.

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The provincial government and the federal government are yet to make an announcement on when the ban will take effect. Also, the government of Canada did not indicate on how long the travel ban will start.

Any request from a province that affects international travel is required to have approval by the Federal Government in Ottawa.

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