International trade fair construction

The exhibition market today is a highly competitive and fierce place and the competitors are many. Big or small, premium or common, national or international… In our experience, many of the exhibition booth design companies come and go, but only the best remain in this market for decades to come. And what separates the successful exhibition booth contractors from the others? In our humble opinion, a creative and innovative exhibition stand design that follows current trends and also resorts to a dash of “out of the box thinking” is the very essence of a successful exhibition or event. A design that strongly expresses every intended aspect of a brand that it represents while at the same time attracts the attention from the event visitors throughout the entire exhibition hall just by its onsite presence.

For us, a remarkable exhibition stand design is also a combination of inspiration and challenge. Each of our designs is custom made and unique, matching your specifications in every aspect. Here at Shanghai IS Exhibition Services we focus on the three-dimensional exhibition and communication of your brand in a multi-dimensional existence. Our designers and creative thinkers are strongly committed to creativity, sketch, two-dimensional layout, three-dimensional effect, CAD construction drawings, etc. to achieve the optimal and perfect presentation of your exhibition stand from visually to quality.

International Trade Fair Construction Supplier

As a highly active international trade fair construction company in the exhibition market today, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors also by other aspects. A design can be as amazing as they come. But a design without proper execution on site in terms of construction is just an idea on paper. To offer our customers a full exhibition experience with high construction quality and complications free, we own our own production assets in China (twelve years and counting) and Germany (over 40 years of operations) and are co-owners of the exhibition booth construction facilities in other important exhibition hubs around the world. We have invested much into these assets as quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients is the most important to us. Shanghai exhibition service

Our design work, quality of the materials and construction on top of the professionalism of our craftsmanship speaks for itself through thousands of successfully accomplished exhibition stands and numerous satisfied customers – some of who have remained loyal to us until this very day. No matter the industry, company or story background, size and the complexity of the project, or location for that matter, our global presence and assets at every international exhibition venue will relieve you of all that extra pressure of organizing a show smoothly as we will be there to carry the burden on your behalf. All you need to do is manage the numerous visitors that will flock to your eye-catching exhibition booth.

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