Internets role in the lockdown | Ex8000

Ever since the pandemic took over most of the earth almost everything has Gone into a lock down. Everything is closed and everybody is working at home. the same is the case with the educational institutions. we have all been locked up in our homes and are supposed to do the required work from wherever we are. this would have not been possible if we had been talking about this about 20 years ago. Though ever since the advent of the Internet everything has become more than possible. We can communicate and interact and pass on information from really long distances. Being far away from somebody is no longer a hindrance in this world. Here we are provide the internet role in the lockdown period.

Teaching in the pandemic

I decided to Setup netgear ex8000 x6s mesh extender, a range extender along with my router since, I being a teacher, all the classes went online and I had to teach my students from my home. it became quite a task after a few days. I had to change my hours and make a makeshift place in order to make a clean background for the concentration of my students. Although I was successful at building a good background the Range of the router was not able to come all the way to the room that I elected as my teaching space.

T you will need to connect it to your personal computer via an Ethernet cable and then connect to the offline link and follow the setup procedure. You can easily setup the SSID and password and other things quickly. After that, your extender will be up and running in no time. The internet role became mandatory in our daily life.

Mobile Application support

Apart from these simple mechanisms, you can SETUP X6S VIA NIGHTHAWK APP. This router has mobile application support and can be easily setup by downloading it from the online stores depending on your device. The application setup is completely automatic and you just have to follow the user interface. You can also use the application to install updates and make other setting changes as per your requirements. This was a great chance for me as the range was a lot better than before and reached y teaching space and made it easy for me to connect with my students. This router is definitely worth a try.

Internet for granted

Most of us treat the Internet as something taken for granted, it is actually a blessing. We can do so much with the Internet and so little without it. It has empowered us beyond the imagination and continues to do so. The same was seen in the educational systems when the world went into a lock down due to the fear of a pandemic that crept around the world. Some of the most sinister things have happened this year. we can only compile the number of misshapen that took place before our eyes. among all these happenings internet is truly a blessing. For fast internet speed you can get connect with netgear mywifiext setup and boost your netgear extender device.

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