Into the Heart of the Beast – Himalayan Heights Motorcycle Tour

There are those among us who enjoy a challenge, those that crave the hardest path. They don’t settle for what is easy, they don’t limit themselves to what has been done and they don’t let obstacles stand in the way of greatness. These invaluable few, these dauntless souls deserve adventures that are fit for their unique needs. Adventures that are riveting by nature and find new ways to test the limits of those willing to wear their heart on their sleeve. The upper reaches of the Himalayas are chalked full of such adventures, waiting for someone to take up the mantle, to go where ordinary people wouldn’t dare to venture. With India Motorbike tours and their Himalayan heights motorcycle tours, you could be that dare devil.

The path ahead will not be easy, but with all the logistics being left to the India Motorbike Tours team, you can put your absolute focus on the journey and the obstacles it presents. The trip will begin in Delhi, where a train will take you to Chandigarh. From there we will venture forth to Manali by road where the riders will be briefed before the journey begins in all earnest.

Suited and booted up, you will then be on your way to Leh, the closest to heaven you can get while still having two feet firmly on the ground. Leh lies in the heart of the north eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir, at a dizzying altitude of 3500m and sports a modest population of 30,000 people. It is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and is a surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains stretching across the cold Himalayan mountain range. Its splendour can only truly be matched by the devastating beauty of the road that lies between Manali and Leh. A truly incredible stretch of tarmac, seemingly designed to generate incredible feelings of adventure within those who travel along it. You will traverse this hauntingly beautiful road on our way to the valley and onward.

The trials and tribulations then continue as you make your way through the upper reaches of the Himalayas through the highest motor-able pass in the world, Khardung-La. This incredible mountain pass sits at an incredible 5602 meters above sea level and its truly dizzying heights can only be matched by the incredible scene of standing over the clouds that comes with being at such an absurd altitude.

Onward you go, towards the Nubra valley and its many adventures as you make your way back towards Leh on your quest towards the gorgeous Zanskar Valley and Sarchu. On the penultimate day, the journey will lead you from Sarchu through the hallowing divide of the Baralacha Pass on to Manali, where you will bring this incredible journey to a close and be on your way back to Delhi via Chandigarh.

This 1550 km journey is one of the best Himalayan motorcycle tours and has been created by the experienced travellers at India Motorbike Tours for avid travellers such as themselves. It is challenging and yet rewarding and the visceral sense of pushing your envelope is at the centre of this experience. So, challenge yourself and hit the road with India Motorbike tours.

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