Introducing Companies to Modern Patent Search Services

Speaking about modern patent search services, Ensemble IP is the best and reliable firm in the USA that blends human expertise with Artificial Intelligence tools. Ensemble IP having AI in its core is best suited for AI patent searches globally and offers solutions to several other companies, law firms, and business organizations. With the rapid expansion of new technologies and inventions every year, the volume of intellectual property literature has also amplified. These data should be accumulated, stored, and grouped into several formats and designs for further usage whenever required. Handling these patent data without the aid of software is time -taking and a waste of resources. New tools are deployed for solving this situation, and AI is one of them.

Artificial Intelligence patent search is applicable especially on AI-based applications while having heavy patenting activities. When the patenting activities are light, Ensemble IP focuses mostly on the non-patent thesis, various conference annals, IEEE Xplore, emphasizes on the AMC digital library. It is also concerned about other technology-based databases. Besides using AI tools, this company has a firm knowledge of several key sectors that are in high demand in the advanced technology-based world. After receiving a patent, the company performs human-driven searches to gather all relevant information and deliver a complete result. This process deploys various software tools, full-text native language searching, as well as hand searching at libraries. The result validation is performed through the use of powerful Artificial Intelligence patent search algorithms. This machine-based activity reveals a more detailed view of the patent.

The team working under the company is having cumulative expertise in patent search practices for over 100 years. With skilled technicians, improved technologies, strategic plans, data protection, and offering “White gloves” services after each project, the firm has gained trust from leading patent litigators and attorneys. For different legal matters, the top services include Pre-Filing/ Batch process, that decides whether the patent application can be filed. Patentability/Novelty searches help attorneys in offering informed opinions to their clients. It checks the validity of the patent. Produces Inter Partes Review that is required during proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board(PTAB). It assists attorneys about product clearance and infringement avoidances related advice and gathers a complete knowledge regarding innovations in a targeted technology field. Ensemble IP uses 6 native languages. It has expertise in 10 key sectors, with clients across 3 continents – North America, Asia, Europe. It has been the largest private patent search company from 1998 to 2014 in a row. Ensemble IP is beyond any other patent searches and analytics service on the planet.

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