Introduction To Asian Food Wave


Of all of the 50 states of the United States of America, Florida has one of the most unique cultures. A haven for thousands of immigrants for years, Florida today continues to play host to one of the largest immigrant populations in the USA. Florida has been referred to by some as a melting pot of many of the world’s foremost cultures, as well as peoples. The languages spoken range from the official English language to the languages of the minority groups such as Creole, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and even Tagalog.

Florida also plays host to one of the largest black communities in the USA, a result of it being a major hotspot for black immigrants from Africa, and other parts of the world. Thus, it comes as no surprise that such a conglomeration of multiple cultures will lead to an even more unique demand in terms of consumer goods.

In a culturally, or ethnically homogenous society, the demand for goods is usually more or less uniform. That is, demand patterns can be predicted, and do not vary or stray far from the norm, or at least a fixed, limited range of norms.

In such a setting as Florida, given the sheer extent of ethnic, as well as cultural diversity, it is no surprise that a large number of Asian restaurants have sprung up all over the place, offering a large variety of sumptuous Oriental cuisines that excite both customers, as well as their taste buds.

Dim sum

Folk actually swear by dim sum; such is its popularity, especially among the majority of the black populace in Florida. Dim sum is a fantastic dish with origins set deep in Cantonese culture. Dim sum is a delicious Chinese dish that is more or less eaten as a snack, primarily for breakfast or lunch; or more recently, brunch. It is frequently confused with regular dumplings, although it consists of much more.

Today, dim sum has evolved beyond its original, traditional form, as modern professional chefs continue to outdo each other in turn in their bid to create the perfect dim sum recipe.

Dim sum is basically dumplings of a large variety coupled with sauce, and traditionally eated with tea. Infact, dim sum as a meal has its origins from old tea houses in Canton, China. Travellers would stop by at the tea houses for a hurried meal, and soon, the dish became a staple due to its uniqueness as well as its simplicity and nature as a snack.

Today, the very best Asian restaurants in Florida offer various recipes for dim sum. While the dish more or less remains the same everywhere, the major difference lies in the sauce and in the type of meat or seafood used.

Dim sums near you, if you reside in Florida, are certain to offer this most delicious of Chinese meals. The servings are usually small, however. But it is certainly worth a try, if you are a food enthusiast.

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