iOS 14: An Opportunity For Apple to Lower Its Restrictions

iPhone is a well-rounded smartphone for everyone as its hardware and software are of top-notch quality. iOS has been one of the best-operating systems in the market, and they are improving its features with its every single update. The quality of its applications, user interface, and other aspects are outstanding. This is proof that Apple developers are highly skilled and incredibly experienced in their work. However, there are some aspects that can be improved in the current iOS version, like the higher restrictions and less customization.

An Opportunity For Apple to Lower Its Restrictions

The forthcoming OS for Apple smartphones is iOS 14, and it is now under planning and development. Apple has a great chance to lower down its wall in this upcoming iOS 14 operating system. iOS 13 has many restrictions, like forcefully using the same default internet browser. Whenever users open an email, they are forcefully directed to the classical iOS email client application. These restrictions are making the iPhone a bit of boring and limited device when compared to other operating systems that are getting highly customizable apps, browsers, clients, and other features.

Bloomberg teases yesterday that Apple is planning to use the default app feature apps such as Chrome and Gmail in iOS 14. However, it is reasonably a small change, but it will affect the competitor developers who always try to overcome Apple’s built-in apps. Most of the other OS, including Windows, macOS, and Android all have the feature to add third-party applications as the default app. On the other hand, iOS has never introduced such features in its versions, and its users are still using that traditional browser and apps.

From the past ten years, the competitors have developed improved email clients, which can combine with complete-featured calendar apps. But it seems that even in iOS 14, Apple will force everyone to use the inferior apps as the primary app.

Why Now?

iOS 14 is the perfect opening for Apple to release its default app restrictions since the supervisor in Europe and the US are identifying Apple’s complete mobile OS. Now it is the best time for Apple to change some of its iconic features inducing the inferior apps, and it can create a new buzz among users if iOS can also be customizable like Android. Now that Google is also planning its upcoming Android 11, it is a perfect chance for Apple to launch many new features in the iOS 14.

According to reports, iOS 14 will also allow third-party keyboards to be used by a user according to their preferences. Now that Apple has announced third party keyboards, many developers will design third party keyboard apps for the Apple App Store. The company can also redesign its App Store to lower down its restrictions in the upcoming iOS OS. They can also modify their policies to allow some apps for the smartphone. Still, Apple is pretty tough in this aspect since they allowed the Steam Link app after a hard struggle in their App Store if they allow some essential apps on their store then their many chances that users will be more happy with iOS 14.

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