iOS vs Android in 2019: What are the similarities?

Android and iOS have various similarities now, and it is good news for users. Both Apple and Google announce new features that are coming on both these platforms around spring each year. If we talk about this year, 2019, Apple gave a hint of iOS 13 at WWDC while Google announced about Android Q at Google I/O. Those who own Apple devices such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone need to look forward to the fall for the updated platforms.

iOS vs Android

Android lovers might have noticed a few similar features as iOS 13. Instead of complaining about both these platforms, you need to focus on the bigger picture. On that note, let’s have a look at few of similar features between Apple and Google.

Facebook and Google authentication

Choosing a new username and password for a new app is very frustrating for many. In that case, both Google and Apple made the task easier for people in a similar way. They offered Facebook and Google authentication to create a new account without providing much information quickly. All the data from Facebook or Google account is used in the new account through the authentication process. It is beneficial for both consumers and app writers.

Apple also just announced about Apple Sign In, which comes as a new feature for Apple users. Through, this tool the Apple users will know about all the information that they are providing to the developers. It will mostly include the location, contact number, email address, and more. The exciting thing about this implementation for Apple is that the users will have to provide an email address and personal information if they want.

Google Photos vs. Apple Photos

The new Photos app, being offered in iOS 13 by Apple, will have plenty of new things. Though there are a couple of functions, which are the same as Google Photos like instant enhancement, allowing light source tweaking, and more. One thing that is there in Apple Photos app and not there in Google Photos is the ability to rotate video clips. Still, Apple users will surely get better tools for making their pictures exciting.

The team of Apple Photos has spent time analyzing the features of Google Photos for sure. Machine learning is an essential addition to Photos. It offers a lot of new options to the users, such as the ability to choose the most excellent pictures from the group automatically.

Street view in Google Maps and Apple Maps

Apple is now offering its version of Street View with iOS 13 in 2019, but Google has been offering Street View in Google Maps since 2008. The Street View option was available with the very first Android phone that Google launched. Through the new Apple Maps, the user can enjoy the 360-degree view of the selected cities. Google Map is, however, already providing Street View almost everywhere, even at the Grand Canyon. Apple needs to update the app with the passing time to make it ideal for Apple users.

The dark mode by Google and Apple

Dark mode has been buzzing recently on the internet. It is available with a lot of your favorite apps, and even Google showcased system-wide Dark Mode recently too. You can save the battery of the phone with the use of Dark Mode, and it is suitable for eyes also. Though it is not entirely ready to be used by Android users.

If we talk about Apple, it offered Dark Mode on Mac previous year only, and the iPhone and iPad implementation are almost the same as well. It is only right now clear that you can choose to operate them automatically according to sunrise and sunset or control accordingly. You can’t tell how effective it is and compare with the Dark Mode of Android.

In the end, all it matters that users love both these platforms. One is better than the other in a different section. Like, Apple came up with a voice assistant first, but Google launched a better version. We need to be thankful for all the great features both these platforms are providing and hope for better things in the coming times!

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