iPad Mini 6 (2020): Price, Release Date, and More

Rumors about next-generation iPad Mini (2020) have started to spread and this will be the sixth generation of iPad into the small iPad segment. Mini iPad devices have a smaller display as compared to the regular iPad devices, but the hardware and performance of these devices are solid. Those users who don’t want to carry a big display device, they use iPad Mini devices. Apple keeps its iPadOS and interface attractive and polished.

As the lineup of iPad devices is increasing, the confusion is also increasing; however, it’s not yet clear if the device is designed for below or above range models. There isn’t much information available right now about this new upcoming iPad Mini but there might be another iPad Mini in 2021.

iPad Mini 6 Price and Release Date

Right now, the rumors state that the models of iPad Mini will arrive in 2021 early. Based on these rumors, the prediction is also growing on. There is no exclusive news coming up yet, so right now, the only thing that people have in hands is rumors.

In terms of Prices, there is no confirmation yet. So far from a report, it has been found that the iPad Mini will be an affordable device and not like the first lineup iPad model. So if that might be the case, users could get some great specs in iPad Mini for less price.

So if the iPad Mini has better specifications, it might cost higher. It is possible if the iPad Mini will launch in a similar price segment.

iPad Mini 6 Leaks and News

All the above information and reports are totally related to iPad Mini 6, but there is still a lot of information that needs to be shared.

According to the leak reports, the iPad Mini will have a lightning port, unlike the new iPad devices. There will be an A13 Bionic chip, and the screen will be 8.5-inch.

How’s iPad Mini 6 Going to Be?

There will be some key features in iPad Mini 6. You might see some changes in the processor, display, and further improvements according to the competition to the market.

Price is the Main Thing

According to the first entry models of iPad, the iPad Mini might have the same price. Although it’s a small display device, there could be strong hardware inside it. It could be better or worse for many users and people might get confused while comparing.

However, if Apple will provide iPad Mini 6 at an affordable price and strong hardware, so there would be less confusion, and things will definitely be clear. It will be easy for users to choose the right one between several models.

3.5mm Headphone Jack

According to the reports, it will have 3.5mm headphone jacks. The requirement of the headphone jack is quite a lot, and Apple knows it well. The 3.5mm jack is usually used for output, but it could be used for input as well. So whoever likes to record music, podcasts, and voice notes, they will find it helpful.

Reduced Bezels

All the current iPad Air and iPad Mini devices have one thing common, which is they all have big bezels. On the side, they have a lot of space if you compare it to any Android device. However, reducing the bezels only won’t make much difference. Bigger bezels make the device bigger but not the screen.

So in the iPad Mini, there might be some modification to the display, and the size of the bezels will get smaller, and the screen will get slightly bigger. Apple also wants to maintain the Touch ID process in some of the devices, and it can only happen on affordable devices. So if this is the case, users might get Touch ID but not the large bezels.

Apple Pencil Support

The previous model iPad Mini 5 supports Apple Pencil generation one, but there are only a few ways to charge it. You need to plug the pencil into the tablet to charge it that creates fuss sometimes. So moving forward from generation one, Apple should make iPad Mini 6 supports Apple Pencil Generation two.

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