iPadOS 14: Now Your iPad is as Good as Your Mac, if Not Better!

Apple is introducing something extremely powerful in this sweet new software update. Your iPad is essentially a modern computer with more relaxed looks. It supports nearly all the everyday functions that your regular computer is capable of performing. Add a wireless mouse and connect a keyboard, and you have your traditional network. The Apple Pencil is just a bonus.

In introducing the iPadOS 14 this fall, Apple is further strengthening the iPad to stand on its own as an all in one system.

An iPadOS update almost always tweaks the look of the interface to refine it further and adds on a bunch of bug fixes.

What Makes the iPadOS 14 So Unique?

The new features introduced by the iPadOS 14 make the most of the tablet’s unique capabilities, and it’s the intuitive multi-touch display. The latest update will streamline your Siri interactions, the Search help tool, your phone calls and Facetime to let its user amplify their functions. New toolbars and sidebars will be introduced, making multitasking extremely easy and letting you focus on the task at hand. The new features for the Apple Pencil will transform the way handwritten notes work. You can now turn your handwritten notes into typed out text automatically! For the developers making use of this system, the ARKit 4 introduces a new Depth API that will let you play with even compelling features for your applications.

Welcome to the future: Augmented Reality, coupled with the new LiDAR Scanner on the iPad Pro, will take the developers game to a whole new level. Applications can now be designed to take accurate measurements, trying out your new wallpaper in your room without having to put it on, and much more! ARKit 4 also features Location Anchors which serve to amplify the high-resolution data on Apple Maps, letting you pin augmented reality experiences to real-life physical coordinates.

The update will also let you see your systems UI be redesigned. New layouts for the iPad are on their way. It makes the applications look less like blown-up iPhone apps and more like their sleek versions on the Mac. The Music app is one of the forms undergoing a significant change. It’s introducing a new sidebar featuring keys and links to let the user access the various parts of the applications with ease. Your cumbersome tab-based navigation is going to be done away with permanently.

The privacy and security of your system are going to be further enhanced, giving you more control and transparency. The applications will no longer be able to track user location without you permitting them first. It has also made it essential for the applications developers in the app store to make their product description summaries include their privacy practices. All this information is going to be displayed to the user in a simple format making it extremely easy to read and understand. Moreover, you could also sign in through your apple ID and replace your accurate location sharing with an approximate one.

Other features include smartly designed widgets that display data at a glance. The device will use its intelligence to display relevant widgets in the Smart Stack to cater to your customized needs. In Messages, you can pin and reorder your texts according to priority. New Memoji options have also been added to your virtual self so you can now sport the same new look as you!

Siri’s knowledge base has been expanded to give you a more extensive range of search results. Siri can also record and send voice messages and activate dictation for emails, letters, notes and much more.

There’s a lot more where that came from. You can download and install the developer’s beta for the iPadOS 14 and give it a go.

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