iPhone 13 Magsafe Cases Could Make Apple’s Next Smartphone a Performance Beast

Yes, you heard it right. MagSafe cases can possibly help up in cooling the overheated devices, thereby offering higher performance.

The recently launched devices of Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup are already available with MagSafe apps like wireless chargers, cases, and wallets; the upcoming devices (maybe iPhoen13 onwards) might come up with a clip-on accessory that could help in cooling down the temperature of your iOS device. To increase the processing power, the devices generally end up heating themselves, and you may see this issue resolved in the upcoming iPhone lineup.

The newly-granted patent to Apple has described a case that will not only be securing the devices magnetically, but also it will be acting as a cooling layer that ships heat away from the devices.

The clip-on accessory might help cool up the temperatures on the intensely heated devices.

No doubt, it’s just a patent, and there will be variations in the working of any described technology. There’s even no certainty if Apple will integrate this into its upcoming case to allow the devices, outsource cooling to an external covering. This is not only risky, but it will be totally out of Apple’s character.

MagSafe Opens the Door

When it comes to securing wireless chargers to devices, MagSafe is critical. However, the third-party products have already explored everything the feature can do, and they are continuing it for starters, tripods, and as a mount grip of camera-style.

Already there are clip-to-the-back accessories like Moto Mods for the Moto Z lineup, which have enhanced the devices with a camera, battery, speaker, and other accessories. The only drawback of this was to force every handset to be of similar size to be compatible. But that’s not the case with the MagSafe as it only clips to the iPhone’s central portion, and hence we will easily be able to see years of innovative accessories that will not be hindering the future designs of the iPhone.

Much interesting fact is the expansion of iPhone’s performance by outsourcing its cooling to an intense accessory (probably a case). In its patent, Apple has considered the limits of devices up to which they can cool themselves. This could make the solder connections melt or create faults in the metal structures situated inside the circuit.

On the other hand, the recently launched gaming handsets already come with their methods to deal with the performance-related heat. They are likely coming up with graphene sheet conductors and giant cooling chambers. You can see them on the Asus ROG 3 and Razer Phone 2. The ROG phones come up with clip-on external fans, which helps them to cool down the devices for years.


With this novel idea, the upcoming iOS devices will exceed the limits of the phone form factor. This solution can probably be imitated by other brands, too; however, they will go straight for the cooling cases, rather than copy the MagSafe feature of Apple.

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Source: iPhone 13 Magsafe Cases Could Make Apple’s Next Smartphone a Performance Beast

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