iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14 is Now Easier and Faster to Use

With the lots of amazing features added in the upgraded version of Apple’s operating system iOS 14, there is one significant change that this version of iOS has provided to the users. Now, iOS 14 has provided more accessible camera features to iPhone users. This version of iOS has made the iPhone camera easier and faster to use. However, the official version of the iOS 14 may take some time to reach the users. But, currently, you can use its public beta. If you haven’t installed the public beta of iOS 14 yet, then go now and get the version to explore its wonderful features. You can easily install the public beta of iOS 14. For more guidance on this check out the related article on our website.

And now, speaking of the iPhone’s camera in iOS 14, the company has added some cool features in the camera app that will provide you with the best experience of photography. Now, taking pictures with your iPhone will be more fun and exciting. If you are a photography lover and use your iPhone most often to capture the images, then this article is for you. Here, in our following article, we are going to tell you about the functionalities that are recently added in the iPhone’s camera in iOS 14. So, please read the complete report to know more in this regard.

The Features Added in the iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14

Undoubtedly, the iPhone’s camera has always been the best option to capture beautiful images. The camera quality of the iPhone makes the dull picture even more beautiful and fantastic. It has some features due to which it can beat the DSLRs also. And now, with the new updated features in its camera in iOS 14, it becomes even more comfortable and faster to capture the images with your iPhone. Are you curious to know what new functionalities have been added in the iPhone’s camera in this version? Don’t worry. Your wait is over now. The time has come to tell you about the coolest new features added in the iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14. So, here are the newly added functionalities in iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14. Take a look below:

  • iOS 14 has Added Guides for Night Mode Photography

How many times do we try to take the best pictures in the dim light but sometimes end up capturing a blurry one? And for this purpose, iOS 14 has added some guides in the iPhone’s camera to take bright pictures even in the dim light. To capture the photos on your iPhone in night mode, you have to keep your camera still, so that you can capture the clear images. When you use this feature on your iPhone while taking photographs in night mode, you will see two cross icons (one yellow and one white) appearing in the middle of your screen. You will have to make sure to combine both the symbols while capturing a photo. And you can do that by keeping your iPhone steady until both the icons meet up at the same place.

  • A Feature that Mirrors Your Selfies

This is one of the most fantastic features added in the iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14. When you use this feature for taking any images and suppose, the pictures that you have captured have some texts, then it will automatically mirror your image. And the text captured in your photographs becomes reversed just like the way you see in the mirror. If you want to enable this feature, then launch the Settings on your iPhone and now, go to Camera. On the composition screen, enable the “Mirror Front Camera” button to activate it.

  • Faster Shots Taking Feature

This is another excellent addition to the features of the iPhone’s camera that enables you to capture unlimited pictures in a few seconds. With this feature, you can decrease the delay time between capturing one photo and taking another one immediately. This way, the camera of the iPhone in iOS 14 is much faster as compared to any other camera. Although it is a default feature in iOS 14, if you have turned off this feature and want to turn it on now, then, you can do that by going through the “Settings” section. And then go to the Camera. From there, you can adjust the timing as per your preferences.

  • Let’s You Take Burst of Photos Using a Volume-up Button

Now, with your iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14, you can take a burst of the images by pressing the volume -up button on your iPhone. To do that, you need to press the volume button as long as you want the photos to be captured. Activating this feature is a simple task. You can do that by launching the “Settings” on your iPhone. Go to “Camera”. Lastly, activate the “Use Volume Up for Burst” button.

So, these were the features included in the iPhone’s Camera in iOS 14. Now, maximize your photography experience by enabling these features. And let us know how you feel about these new updates. And for more details and information like this, please stay connected with us and visit our website.

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