IRS Penalty Attorney in Houston

Financial pressure quickly mounts on individuals or business professionals who owe substantial amounts of tax and back tax. Anyone who prepares a tax return may owe a penalty if they don’t follow the tax law rules and regulations. The IRS punishes the taxpayers. They assess billions of dollars as a penalty against taxpayers annually.


There are two kinds of penalties that meet the criteria for possible abatement- failure to file and failure to pay.

  1. Failure to file: It occurs when you did not file your tax on the deadline.
  2. Failure to pay – A failure to pay penalty uses when you did not pay all the taxes owed by the tax filing deadline.

Every penalty is a bit different. It goes at a maximum of 25% of your unpaid taxes.


The IRS audit is frightening. You could be facing tax penalties, interest payments, or criminal charges. When faced with an audit, you are often tempted to agree to whatever the IRS asks. Consult an IRS penalty attorney in Houston. A skilled IRS tax attorney specializes in audits and advice to taxpayers regarding their rights. If you want to avoid the penalty, pay your tax by the due date and furnish information returns timely. The penalties can waive through a penalty abatement request with IRS services. However, having a reasonable cause, the IRS waives penalties.


You cannot file a tax return in a while, but do not wait for too long. The tax situation becomes worse. Individuals should consult a tax lawyer. A skilled IRS tax attorney specializing in audits provides advice to you regarding your rights. The right guidance of the expert ensures the IRS does not take advantage of fear and lack of knowledge about the intricacies of federal tax law.


If you are in Houston and facing an audit, seek the guidance of an IRS penalty attorney in Houston. The experts protect your rights and prevent all kinds of discrepancies. Our lawyer can also help you to refund and avoid paying penalties. It helps you to find a way to reduce the penalties and fees. The expert understands the audit and ensures all data is correct.


An audit attorney can help you to limit the scope of the audit. If you are stuck with penalty abatement or outstanding bills, IRS liens, or wage garnishment, call us and schedule your appointment. We are happy to help you to find the right expert.


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