Is 2021 the perfect time to buy your first home?

It is no news that the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in 2020, due to which many would-be homeowners had to put a pause on their dreams of purchasing an ideal house. The realty market faced an invasion of endless bidding fixes, lesser inventory, and spiking rates. The situation only got worse with the initiation of the lockdown and social distancing protocols. Keeping the situation in mind, it would be understandable if you are facing some serious doubts about what your next step should be. You also might be thinking about what kind of house to go for post-pandemic and whether there are some better offers in the market. 

Everything considered, your questions are only legitimate because a real estate investment is no run-of-the-mill decision. We understand the kind of thinking and research you have to do before you get too deep into the house hunt. A lot is at stake, and it is only fair to be vigilant because the condition of the economy still isn’t very promising. As we continue to reel from the pandemic’s after-effects, here are some points to ponder over.

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 Interest rates should not rise

Come 2021, some critical layers in the real estate market predict that the interest rates will remain low, with the average marker spanning the entire year. The advantage here is that these lower rates will imply lesser monthly payments after buying the house. There is also the possibility of your budget becoming larger, as a result of which, you might be able to look at higher-end apartments. There are some great luxury residential projects in Gurgaon that you must look at. Also, check out Experion Developers and their projects!

House rates may spike

House pricing is predicted to continue rising but at a slower pace in comparison to the previous years. However, the advantage of lower interest rates might provide a comfortable buffer as the impact felt will be much lesser while making the payments. This pointer might make you change your decisions on the house-type you were deciding to go for, but you will surely find many suitable alternatives. Many people in Gurgaon are eyeing Dwarka expressway flats and for good reason. The location is prominent, and the possibilities are promising.

More and more choices

While house prices continue to surge, you will definitely find a higher number of options to choose your house from. 2021 has triggered several post-pandemic necessities that have lead to a long list of new requirements. To battle these needs, construction companies will commence work on newer properties with different kinds of facilities.

Local Knowledge

Despite so many factors, it is essential to note that these things vary on a local scale. Therefore, it would be ideal to seek help from a real estate agent to guide you and bring you up to speed with the ongoing trends in the market. Networking and building good relationships along the way will help you bag some good deals on that dream house!

Gurgaon is booming with options now, and you can definitely look at luxury apartments in Dwarka expressway with outstanding luxury apartment facilities. The house and the location will bring many benefits in the long run with good returns!

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