Is a broken wisdom tooth needed for emergency dentistry?

A broken tooth is all-natural. But if you experience a broken wisdom tooth, then this should be a consideration for an Emergency Dentistry Near Me. your dentist is very likely to recommend wisdom tooth removal. While it is possible to maintain the broken tooth, to avoid further complications, it is best to get the tooth removed completely.

Wisdom teeth are known as third molars and usually happen in a person between the ages of 17 and 26. They do not always develop through the gums at all, and if they do, sometimes they may not be straight.


In these cases, there may be an improved risk of disease. Gaps allow trash to gather and bacteria to grow, which raises the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Specialists recommend the early removal of wisdom teeth to avoid such incidents.

What can cause a broken wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the last to develop, there may be less space in your mouth for growing.

As they try to explode through your gum, another tooth may already be obtaining the same spot. Your wisdom tooth may develop at an abnormal angle, or even crack as it makes its way out.

Wisdom teeth may be more liable to break than your other teeth if they have not enough space to develop. You may have many challenging difficulties to use those teeth to chew, and there is a higher chance of gum decay if it is harder to clean completely around that area.

Wisdom teeth are sensitive to direct force trauma, such as an impact on your jaw, or biting into something solid.

Why is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Your wisdom tooth broke. Now what? Well, your dentist most likely recommends wisdom tooth removal and it is the best option. You may need wisdom teeth removing because of-


  • Difficulties in chewing
  • Risk of gum disease or decay.

Sometimes though, fixing your broken or cracked wisdom tooth with a dental crown or filling is best.

Are broken wisdom teeth required emergency dentistry? 

When a wisdom tooth is broken, this gap can cause an environment of infection and a weak point in the tooth.

A broken or cracked wisdom tooth sets the entire tooth’s health at risk and complication for other teeth. Bacteria can attack the tooth and spoil the dental pulp. In those cases, the tooth must either be extracted or through a root canal procedure. It’s better just to remove the wisdom tooth.

It is essential to see your dentist and get Broken Tooth Treatment quickly if you have a broken wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth usually do not bring any real benefits to your mouth, but they can increase the chances of breakages and broken tooth infection.


A broken wisdom tooth can be painful and lead to further complications thus needed Toothache Emergency Dentist. In the situation of a broken wisdom tooth, make an appointment with your dentist immediately. In the majority of cases, your Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me will recommend extraction.

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