Is a renovation really worth it?

Long gone are the days of buying the worst house on the best street for a rock-bottom price. Potential homeowners will need deep pockets to buy property in any condition in Sydney and that includes homes that are hardly fit for habitation.

Take a closer look and there is a trend emerging: buying to knock down instead of renovating. Just recently The Sunday Telegraph published some amazing examples of this phenomenon, where home buyers had truly reaped the rewards of building rather than renovating. Granny Flat Builders Liverpool

So why would you detonate rather than renovate?

  1. It can be cheaper

Budget blow-outs can mean that knocking down and rebuilding is often a cheaper solution. It may be difficult to believe but you can get a whole new house for the cost of a ground floor extension according to this article on Houzz.

Brickwood Homes has a number of boutique offerings if you are thinking about a knock down rebuild. And we can work to your budget, unlike a renovation where costs can quickly escalate.

  1. It can be less stressful

Many of us have watched The Block. The most memorable moments are not the house reveals but the fights, the sleepless nights and the exhausted contestants.

If you choose to build through Brickwood Homes, we’ll engage with you from the beginning to the end of the building process. You’ll be kept in the loop with all decision making but we’ll be there running the day to day of the build.

Instead of fighting over tile choices or tearing your hair out because the plumber hasn’t turned up again, you could be relaxing with a glass of wine while the build is going on.

  1. You can build the home you really want

Let’s face it. A lot of the homes that are being snapped up in prime Sydney suburbs are hardly heritage beauties worthy of a renovation. They are poorly built houses with a host of problems, including fibro woes and poor layouts.

Renovating these houses to get exactly what you want is costly and time-consuming. At Brickwood Homes we pride ourselves on helping you to realise your dream home. We offer a high level of customisation so you’re not just getting a cookie cutter project but a home which will be the pride of your neighbourhood.

So, if you’re thinking about rebuilding then get in touch and we can help you on your journey.

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