Is Almond Oil Considered Good For Hair Growth?

There have been several questions raised in the past regarding the efficacy of almond for hair growth. Is almond oil good for hair growth? Before this question is further delineated, you should know that almond oil is derived from pressing seeds of almond tree and almond nuts and oil is extracted thereafter. Almonds have been of huge strategic importance in ancient cultures for their health and healing capabilities including their high content of Omega-9 fatty acids, protein and Vitamin E alike. These clearly indicate that almond oil may enhance the overall strength and shine of hair greatly.

If you are still thinking, is almond oil good for hair growth, then you should know that it softens hair considerably. Almond oil functions like an emollient and may fill up the gaps in the hair from a cellular level itself. This makes your hair feel a lot smoother and using the same on hair will give it a softer and better texture with the passage of time. Once almond oil is used regularly, you will find that it is easier to comb through on a regular basis. Almond oil also enables proper repairing of hair along with immense strengthening at the same time. The lubricating attributes of particular oils such as almond oil lead to lower friction during styling. Studies have shown that almond oil may lead to higher resilience of hair when used over a prolonged time period.

Almond oil may also help in hair growth while making hair less vulnerable towards split ends and boosting hair growth. Your growth will not slow down just due to hair loss or damaged ends. Almond oil has Vitamin E in higher amounts and this works as a natural antioxidant as well. When they combat environmental stress prevailing around the hair, it will naturally look fresher, younger and much healthier as well. Almond oil may also help with treatment of flaky scalp syndrome along with conditions such as scalp psoriasis. Almond oil has been used for dry scalp treatments for a very long time now even in Ayurvedic medicine. Rubbing almond oil into the scalp will enhance overall blood flow to the particular zone while helping introduce power skin antioxidants likewise.

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