Is Almond Oil Good for Hair Growth?

There has been a long-running debate on whether you should consider almond oil good for hair growth. Vasmol is one of the leading brands in the hair care category in India, offering a variety of hair coloring products and hair oils that contain almond oil for instance. Should you opt for these products? Almond oil is derived from the seeds of the almond tree or almond nuts and oil is extracted from the same for generating the same. Almonds have always had a valued position in ancient traditions for their varied health and healing features including providing high levels of Omega-9 fatty acids, proteins and even Vitamin E. These properties clearly indicate that almond oil may enhance the strength and shine of hair. This is what makes it so coveted when it comes to selecting hair care products.

Almond oil is also known as an emollient which clearly means that it will help in filling up gaps in hair right from the cellular level itself. This will smoothen your hair and it will attain a softer feel with the passage of time. Almond oil should be a part of every hair care regime as a result. It will make your hair easier to comb as well. Almond oil also strengthens hair greatly while combating split ends and breakage alike. Nut oils have lubricating attributes and almond oil is no different. Studies have shown how almond oil enhances resilience of hair whenever it is treated with minor amounts of suitable ingredients.

Almond oil may also spark greater hair growth as per several reports. Hair growth will not be disrupted owing to hair loss if you use almond oil. It has Vitamin E in high amounts which are an antioxidant as well. This ensures youthful looking hair at all times while almond oil also helps in treating conditions of the scalp including flaky scalp and also scalp psoriasis. Almond oil has been used for treatment of dry scalp problems in Ayurvedic medicine for years. Almond oil automatically enhances blood flow to any area affected by the dry scalp syndrome and helps in introducing antioxidants for the skin on the head likewise.

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