Is Bus Advertising still effective?


The wheels on the bus go round and round, and so do the bus advertisements. If you are a walker in central neighbourhoods, a commuter, or a public transit patron, you will have frequently seen bus advertisements. Bus advertising is designed to directly market products and services to the consumers in an easy-to-understand format. For the most part, Bus advertising delivers universal messages that centre around fashion, hospitality, food, lifestyle, branding, listing upcoming events, and in a plethora of other fields. These messages can be seen around buses to give commuters a reason to check.

Bus advertising channel is very effective as it reaches a large number of people. If people travel in the same route to work and back every day, you will have the opportunity to show them your ad repeatedly. Continue reading to know why bus advertising is still relevant in this day and age.

You cannot be ignored:

There is something magical about bus advertising. Your audience cannot simply skip bus advertisements by fast-forwarding or changing channels like they do while watching television or listening to the radio. Moreover, when a person sits on a bus, it is just impossible for them to ignore your advertisement.

Mass reach:

Bus ads have the potential to generate a mass reach very quickly. According to research, consumers are 33% more alert when being outside their home, and this is more than enough to make a lasting impression with bus advertisement. Also, there is no seasonality when it comes to bus ads. The level of awareness throughout the year for bus advertising stays the same. The season holds no bearing on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Geographic selectivity:

Bus advertisements allow you to target your audience geographically. Particularly for the local advertisers, investing in bus advertising cost provides an opportunity to reach a maximum number of people in the preciously selected segment of the population. Moreover, as the advertisements are displayed 24/7, it can be easily seen by the public anytime.

Bus advertising is effective due to its massive reach and ability to connect with viewers both momentarily and emotionally. When designing your bus ad, treat the signs as moving billboards. The public will not have a chance to look at the message for a long time, so use bright colours to catch their attention. A bright and colourful design with short copy truly breaks or makes a bus ad. If it is not eye-catching, people passing by will not look back at it. The goal is to create a lasting impression, something which people can recall later on. Thankfully professionals offering affordable bus advertising rates follow this rule and help their clients communicate better with their prospects. You can contact these experts for simple ideas with just a few words for effective bus advertising.

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