Is Caffeine Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

There is always a search to find alternatives to drugs to boost the erection process.  Various natural remedies are recommended to males to improve the erection process and keep erectile dysfunction at bay.


Erectile dysfunction is a condition in males which makes it difficult to get an erection and sustain that erection for some time. The problem happens after 40 in most males due to various physical and mental issues. But it can also occur in younger males suffering from anxiety, stress, and psychological issues.

The erection problem at the cellular level is insufficient blood flow through the pelvic area. Any drink or food which promotes blood circulation helps in overcoming the erection issues naturally.

Anyone who has a smooth blood flow will never face any erection issues. Doctors prescribe Cialis 60mg to help nitric oxide in the body relax blood vessels to create additional space for greater blood flow. Good flow increases blood in the pelvic area giving a better erection. which boost testosterone levels

Caffeine impact on Erectile Dysfunction

A study conducted by the University of Taxes informed that caffeine in coffee can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in males.  It showed that males who take 2-3 cups of coffee on a daily basis will not see erection issues as much as males who do not drink coffee or take caffeine.

Depression and anxiety

Researchers had also found that coffee drinkers are less likely to be depressed and have anxiety.  Since these two issues are also behind erectile dysfunction, it can be said safely that coffee or caffeine in coffee or tea reduces the chances of getting erection problems due to stress or anxiety. A study has proved this link as well.

Moderate drinkers had reduced their risk of erection problems caused by anxiety by 15 percent, while heavy drinkers had lowered the risk by 20 percent.

Dopamine and general well being

Caffeine consumption through coffee or tea increases dopamine. It is the neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness and love.  Dopamine production in the body acts against depression and anxiety.

The combined effect is a positive mood that supports an erection process whenever it receives a signal from the brain.

The same chemical also stimulates you to get that erection. The doctors tested the blood of males after giving them caffeine which showed the positive result of dopamine and caffeine.  The tests were conducted two hours after consumption of caffeine through coffee.

Coffee acts against type 2 diabetes

Coffee is a proven natural remedy against the progression of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the several lifestyle diseases that affect your erection process.  Along with caffeine for instant relief to erection difficulty, coffee also cuts the risk of erectile dysfunction in the long run by keeping diabetes in check.

Harvard public school has mentioned in a study that participants in 28 studies who had increased their consumption of coffee per day showed a decline of 11 percent in risk assessment of diabetes.

Keep underlying causes in check

Coffee that contains caffeine also keeps the possibility of cardiovascular diseases low. Even moderate consumption of coffee improves heart health along with the reduced risk of neurological diseases.

Increases blood flow

Caffeinated coffee leads to 30 percent increases in blood flow which is good for an erection process.  It lasts for over an hour after drinking coffee. The males who were made to drink decaffeinated coffee showed no such increase in blood flow. This showed that caffeine is responsible for the increase in blood flow.

Links have been found between caffeine intake and an increase in testosterone. A study on professional rugby players revealed that a 4mg increase in caffeine boosted testosterone by 10 percent. Improved testosterone levels raised libido, which boosts erection.

It must be mentioned that increased caffeine intake may disturb sleep patterns, which has a more adverse impact on testosterone levels.  But avoid any caffeine drink if doctors have prescribed Sildenafil Citrate 150mg for severe cases. Keep a gap of at least 24 hours to prevent any adverse reaction.


It has been proved that moderate consumption of caffeine through coffee improves the erection process through various means. But keep the consumption to moderate levels. 

Never increase consumption for greater erection flow, because a higher intake of caffeine can lead to palpitation of the heart, higher blood pressure, headaches, and acidity issues. Also, avoid taking coffee on an empty stomach to avoid acidity issues.


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