Is Criss-Cross Tobacco Taking Over the Market?

You can’t visit a physical or an online smoke shop without coming across Criss-Cross tobacco. It’s fast becoming the go-to option for many smokers. Here’s why.


SX Brands are the manufacturers of Criss-Cross tobacco. They are a company with ample experience in creating top shelf products, having been in the business for decades.


Get the best tobacco the US has to offer, as SX Brands uses the most excellent Virginia and Burley in Criss-Cross. Superior processing and packaging methods leave this product the go-to option for many smokers. Top online tobacco stores such as Smoker’s Outlet provide you with high-grade tobacco such as Criss Cross.

Premium Flavors 

SX Brands look to meet your smoke and taste preferences, while still ensuring you enjoy every bit of it with their array of flavors. Gain satisfaction from any of these varieties.


This variant of pipe tobacco has many loyal customers. It offers a robust taste and consistent burn for smokers who love quality and well mixed Burley and Virginia.


If you need a smoother tasting flavor from the original, but want a product that’s just as good and satisfying, then the smooth variety is for you. This bag houses the right amount of appropriately cut Virginia and Burley to deliver that slow, rich burn.


Want to break away from the norm, and still enjoy the bag you are smoking? Then this Menthol flavored tobacco is your best bet.

Smooth Menthol 

This flavor is the smoother variant to the Menthol version. You still get to taste that same high-quality and crisp freshness but with less harshness on your smoke.


This variant is the smoothest flavor on the Criss Cross tobacco roaster. SX Brands ensures they deliver the highest quality blends to satisfy the most distinct pallets so that you can run free on your choice of smoke.


Criss-Cross Tobacco price falls within the medium price range for tobacco but comes with a quality fit for tobacco in the high price range. There are few products that manage to provide customers with high-quality at a decent cost, and Criss-Cross belongs to this elite group. When you buy tobacco online, you enjoy the convenience, quick access to multiple products, discounts, and more.

Final Thoughts

Criss-Cross tobacco sits high on the list of top-quality tobacco products. Smoker’s Outlet sells this product at a discount price for you. Also, you unlock lower rates from the online store when you buy higher quantities. Visit Smoker’s Outlet now and find your one-stop avenue to buy the best quality smoke brands such as Gambler pipe tobacco, and multiple other products and accessories.

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